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Me as a DM

I may be young, dumb, and ugly, but I can run a fun game. A couple things you should know about me: I'm curious. I'm lenient. The whole point of the game is player choice, for me, so I try to give players as much freedom as I can. I hate railroading people to fit to an idea I had, though I may try and bend the tracks in a certain way. Besides, I like seeing what you people do with a situation I give you.

As far as my games, I like to weave epic tales. I like my stories to be world changing, and I like the PCs being the cause of it. I like saving the world, beating the BBEG, rescuing the damsel, slaying the dragon, and all that good stuff, even if it starts with a nest of goblins.

Also: I don't do modules. Every setting/campaign I do is homebrew. Creating worlds is one of my favorite parts of DMing.

Oh, one more thing... I'm also really nice. I tend to over-reward my players with material wealth. However, due to the rules of the Inn, even if I slip into my old habits, you won't leave with more than WBL. It's better this way, you don't want to get spoiled, and I need to learn how to judge material rewards more accurately.

My Games

Rotting Idyll Wiki

My longest running game so far on Myth-Weavers. Fairly standard fantasy setting, most of it can be recreated with just the PHB, DMG, and MM. Set in an idyllic world that is becoming... less idyllic. Fast. Big things are happening, but no one can say why.

Island of Misfit Heroes

Alas, a community of so many players means some are denied from games... this is their home now! This game is made specifically for character concepts who didn't quite make it into the intended game. I just couldn't bear to see the effort go to waste anymore! The game is just starting, but it takes place in Multiplane, a chaotic and hostile world, in which the PCs are bastions of good and beacons of hope, destined to save the entire universe from untold supernatural destruction!

Plans for the Crossroads Inn

The adventures I run will likely throw you right into the climax of a great story. That's just my style.

Contact Info


Phone: Can be given if required; texting is preferred. Although, given that I can access my email on my phone, this may be superfluous.