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Darven is an open source GURPS world. Aside from a few basic rules posted here feel free to add a page and your own component to this society.

The darkness to Darven comes from the way that magery orriginates- it is not genetic but can only be gained by killing someone you love. Putting down a childhood pet (injured horse, rabid dog) bestows magery 1. Your mother dying giving birth to you magery:2. The mercifull killing of a beloved Uncle or aunt Magery 3. The laws of magic do not care why the person was killed, a mercy killing or the execution of a condemned relative. The only thing which is consitant is that it is based on love, not blood relationship. a sociopath who kills their parents gains no pwer, while a tenderhearted soul who accidently kills their child's freind may well wind up with magery 2. This of course has many profound effects. In some areas it leads toa revulsion of magic, in others it leads to pushin those who are most likely to be damaged by a necessary killing, and thus most likely to gain magery from it, into doing teh deed. For one order of necromancers it has even led to a rule of not taking on an apprentice until you are capable of resurecting the person they kill as a part of their initiation.

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