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Desolation is set on a world called Deso, a world in constant rebuilding due to it’s disasters of the past. It’s currently settled in a time of loose peace, where the world is cooperating in hopes of overcoming adversity. There are four primary continents that make up Deso's center of power.



Time in Deso is tracked based on the God War. Before the God War, there are no historical records existing before the God War.

Pre GW // The Peaceful Times: In the beginning of history, the Gods provided everything for the people of their land. Crime, poverty, and hunger were unheard of. The land was a utopian beauty the people roamed free of worry or care.

00-28 GW // The God War: The Gods were betrayed by one of their number, Phiv. Thousands of people were killed in an instant as the Betrayer turned on them and pitted them against one another. The other Gods responded as quickly as possible. Phiv used a Godstone, the remaining power of a dead god, to increase his power enough to go toe to toe with the others. The battle raged on for years, though to the Gods, it was only moments. When Phiv found that his power alone was not enough to defeat the others, he turned his destruction on the people. One by one, the other Gods sacrificed themselves to protect the people. The noble Devil God Agyss was the last god standing, he was also the last to act against Phiv as they were friends. His inaction had cost thousands of lives, people say that it was at that point that he attacked with a ferocity never before seen. He defeated Phiv, but, it is said, his heart exploded and he was driven mad. In a final valiant act, the God Kai killed the now Mad Agyss before more harm could be done, sending them both beyond the barrier.

28 GW-643 GW // Our Rebirth: The time of rebuilding was not an easy one for the mortal races of for the first time in known history they were forced to fend for themselves. It was as if history had to restart. They had to learn to farm, hunt, build shelter, and other things that were previously provided to them by the Gods. The countries were named and their different governing bodies were established.

643 GW-645 GW // The Dwarven War: In present day, this is often now called, the First Dwarven War. The Dwarves emerged in Albrook through the gates of their grand city Koravin. It was a surprise to the surface races, the dwarves were merely legend and a dwarf had never been seen on the surface of the Deso. Their initial attacks were backed by fierce and relentless tactics. This time was hard on the world, especially on Albrook, where the dwarves had emerged from. In the end, the Albrook King, Jorian united with the elves and drove the Dwarves back underground. The elves, led by their Queen Urani, sealed the Gates of Koravin with the dwarves inside.

645 GW-959 GW // The Magical Revolution: After the dwarves were driven back through the Gates of Koravin, the world once again rebuilt. Albrook and the rest of the world began delving deeper into the realms of magic. More and more humans and other races began to emerge as powerful wielders of the arcane arts. Magic became more common and more powerful. It began to defy even the laws of death. Necromancy became a problem, and an entire city called Sairagg was destroyed by an undead army.

959 GW-1080 GW // The Dragon Era: The Dragon Era was a time when the majestic creatures known as Dragons appeared. Though the dragons have always been around, this was a time in which they would reveal themselves to the world at large. Several heroes emerged at this time and became important figureheads in the new world. In addition to the heroes and figureheads that emerged, new gods joined the Pantheon. The god called Bleeds was on earth, punished for some transgression, but was restored to godhood by bringing other gods to light and helping find the original Quinn Bible, the book in which all modern religion is based on.

1087 GW-1089 GW // The Great Union: This was another time of hardship for Deso and its people. This time was host to the second Dwarven War. A god was on earth that was called Savior, this god existed within a mortal orc named Kawht. Kawht, along with his band of adventurers, united the inhabitants of the world to counter attack the dwarves. Savior led the attack and the dwarven forces were repelled. However, through dark magic cast by a group known as the Outcasts, the mad god Agyss was revived. Everyone present in the area was slain within moment following the mad god’s resurrection. Agyss began a reign of destruction unlike the world had ever seen. He destroyed a great deal of Albrook, stopping at a Quinn temple. When he stopped, he set his sights on Seromicos. Immediately crossing thousands of miles, the Mad God destroyed Seromicos’s capital city in mere moments. Savior managed to protect his group and they persued the Mad God. After overcoming impossible odds which saw the deaths of Kawht (and the passing of Savior to the God Realms), master hunter Dios, a powerful Golem Igneous, and high gnomish wizard Scrabble, the Mad God was defeated and sent back to the God Realms by the Monk Finderdot. The world was once again saved.

The World of Deso

There are four primary continents that make up Deso's center of power.

World of Deso


Albrook is a large continent in the center of Deso, it’s mostly plains and forests. It’s ruled by mixture of a single monarch and an elected senate.. The senate and the current monarch, Queen Tiah, share equal power


Albrook has had more than it’s fair share of disasters. Most of it revolves around the conflicts during the First Dwarven War and the Great Union. The gates of Koravin are in Albrook, which caused Albrook to become the first target of the Dwarves. The battles were fierce but Albrook has always stood up to the challenges and come out stronger than ever, mostly due to their monarchs of the time.

King Jorian was one of the first of note, he managed to unite with the Elves and, with their assistance, drove the Dwarves back through the gates of Koravin and sealed them, putting an end to the first Dwarven War. He then ushered in a new age of enlightenment for Albrook, bringing forth the Magical Revolution.

The child Queen Tiah took the throne at age 14 only a few years before the gates of Koravin reopened and the second Dwarven War began. Tiah was born under the sign of the Gods, which is why she was ushered into becoming the queen so soon. The ruler before her was King Kell, Kell was not known for his ability to make great decisions and was a selfish, cruel and, some would say, mad man. When he had learned of Tiah and her destiny to become a great ruler, he moved to have her imprisoned. She still spoke out against him and thousands of people sent pleas for her release. The Albrook senate fought on her behalf, which was the only thing that prevented her from being executed. Still the king managed to keep her imprisoned, calling her the Queen of Chains. Despite his attempts to discredit her, she became a legend and King Kell was quickly losing his position on Albrook. Albrook was falling into a deep depression and people were demanding change. Many made a pilgrimage to the Albrook Dungeons to see the Queen of Chains, and those who spoke to her found she never complained about her position and the suffering she was forced to endure. She would smile at those who visited her and her touch would warm their hearts and give them hope.


Eratia is notable for being the most magically advanced country in all of Deso. Eratia consists of forty-nine islands each ruled by an archmage, a vast majority of which are Eladrin. These forty-nine Archmages make up the Eratian High Council, who are the governing body of the islands. Eratia is in a unique position as the most magically advanced country in all of Deso, but also has the weakest army in terms of both physical numbers and their weaponry. A battle with Eratia would be costly for either side as Eratia's magical protection would be almost impossible to breach, but Eratia lacks the manpower to effectively attack another country.

The Covenant of Sealed Life's High Tower is in Eratia, making it the power center of the Covenant. Also many students of the arcane go to Eratia to study at the arcane academies, which typically only take students that by invitation or by the student's families paying a substantial amount of money.

Eratia was extremely important during the Great Union and the second Dwarven War as they provided the magical power that gave the surface races a true advantage over the dwarves, who had limited arcane resources.


Eratia really come to power during the Magical Revolution in GW 347. Before that time, most of the Eratian islands did not deal well with each other, having almost a tribal structure. Once the first Eladrin started getting deep into the arcane arts, it was found that the islands had inherently powerful Arcane reservoirs. Soon the Eladrin united the island and began erecting towers on top of the reservoirs to tap into those resources. With those resources, Eratia soon became a huge power center. Exporting magical items, residuum, and other arcane services.

Eratia was extremely important during the Great Union and the second Dwarven War as they provided the magical power that gave the surface races a true advantage over the dwarves, who had limited arcane resources. The Eratian mages managed to wipe out mass amounts of Dwarven soldiers with minimum causualties on their own end. Their loss, however, became heavy when Agyss was resurrection and hundreds of Eratian mages were wiped out by the Devil God.


The Dwarven kingdom of Koravin is as actually underneath Albrook. The entrance to it, known as the Gates of Koravin are the only mundane way to enter the massive city from the surface. The dwarves have a clan based structure, but are lead collectively by their Emperor, currently a old, but physically powerful dwarf named Kahl of Clan Godmail. With Kahl in place as the Emperor, the Godmail clan is the most powerful in Koravin.


The Dwarves remained hidden underground during even the peaceful times. Dwarven legends states that their god Mohrei Oathtaker, was among them as the gods were with the surface races. Though not involved in God War himself, he disappeared with him. The Dwarves blamed the surface races for the loss of their god, and vowed revenge. It took them 645 years of tunneling and building their forces before they were finally able to try and enact that revenge.

When they broke through the surface of Albrook, they had centuries of pent up anger ready to unleash on the surface. The war with the dwarves took two long years of blood before they dwarves were finally driven back and the surface dwellers, employing powerful magic that dwarves were not familiar with, sealed the gates to their great underground city, Koravin.

Failing in their vengeance, the dwarves once again stewed in their underground cities, waiting for a chance to be free again. After the losses, some dwarves began to speak out against another attack on the surface world, stating that their people could not afford so much blood shed and it was time to move passed the ancestors vow of revenge. This was but a small voice among many and the voices of those who still vowed vengeance on the surface world rang louder.

Finally, the magical seals on the gates of Koravin broke with the death of the Elven queen, Urani and the dwarves once again moved to war. The battle was as bloody as the first, but this time, it ended with the resurrection of the Devil God, Agyss. Agyss slew all within the area, surface or under dweller alike. Those deep in the city that survived decided that the resurrection of the Devil God marked the end of the ancestor's vow of vengeance and it was time to work with the surface dwellers for a new future.


Seromicos is the largest continent in the world in terms of land mass. However it is mostly a desert that's nearly inhospitable to outsiders. The people of Seromicos, however, have learned to adapt to their harsh land. The land is ruled by the Grand Duke, who is the single most powerful man in Seromicos.


The people of Seromicos have adapted to the desert life very well considering the heat they have to deal with. Seromicos itself is noted for having strict laws, however the Grand Duke is the one to carry through the laws and is the authority of Seromicos. As such, the further you get away from the capital city of Seromicos, the more lawless the towns tend to become.

The biggest event in Seromicos's history was during the Great Union when the resurrected god Agyss set his sights on the desert land. The mad god carved a path of death and destruction as he made his way to the majestic capital city, which he wiped of all life before filling with his own demonic forces. The heroes of the Great Union infiltrated the city and attacked the god, when Finderdot struck the final blow, Agyss seemed to explode, reducing everything within miles to ash. This part of Seromicos, named the Ashlands, is still known for being a haven to demons, devils, and other wicked creatures.

Unable to rebuild, the new Grand Duke, Cardlin, established "New Seromicos City" as the capital of the country and the land pressed forward.

The Shodin Territories

Less of a country and more a series of city-states. The Shodin territories have a tribal structure. The tribes often war with one another for land and other sorts of dispute. The territories are mostly icelands and it takes a different mentality to be able to survive there. A structured, powerful attack could possibly come in to conquer the territories, but this could very well be what's needed to unite the tribes.


The territories were originally united under an Orc warlord by the name of Shodin. He was the sole and unquestioned ruler. Fair, just, and powerful, Shodin was a legendary warrior and leader.

Unfortunately, when Shodin died far in his venerable years, the warlord's sons and daughters all began fighting for who would be the rightful heir to the country. The battles ended up being bloodied and no answer could be found. In the end, loose peace agreements were made and the land was divided into territories amongst those who believed they had a claim to the throne.

Rumored Lands

There are a few lands that exist merely in stories or on the tongues of people who most would deem mad.


An underwater kingdom written about in the stories of the heroes of the Dragon Era.


Sometimes called "the land of the dead" it is something of a promise land to intelligent undead where the living are at best hunted and at worse herded like animals.