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Welcome to the World of Dragonia! Look around, grab a drink, take a good chair and happy reading!

A Request

Please do not edit or modify the wiki or its contents without prior discussion and express consent from myself and any Contributors whose works are involved in the changes. Thanks.


Dragonia is the fruit of many years immersed in fantasy, be them as having role-playing (mainly in fantasy environments) as my main hobby, by reading the incredible work of authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Geroge R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan, among others, and also with a bit of inspiration from many manga stories and computer/console games, all jumbled together in a crazy mind over the years to lay out the basics of an ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-evolving setting. Finally, I make myself stop and do the work of putting that jumble of ideas and thoughts and mixtures into the proverbial paper, and Dragonia is born: a place where all of my insane ideas coexist and feed off each other, and a place that I shall use for my own role-playing purposes in the future, when it is ready. Of course, anyone else interested in it is free to help or use it as well.


  • Silverkiss

...everything. If you have questions, feedback, critics, or just want to have a word with me, PM me on Myth-Weavers.

  • Wizard of the Coat

Original idea and write-up of the Karma Marks subsection, in the Karma section, and original concept of the City-State of Meelos, in the Politics section.

  • DarkAbyssKeeper

Feedback, comments, and thought-provoking questions.

Latest Update

07/19 - Reviewed the Karma Cores section, cleaning up and modifying content to fit with the rest of the setting and reorganizing the information somewhat. Added information about Fuciles under Weapon Cores. Reviewed the Karma page; streamlined the content to fit with the rest of the setting as it has evolved, removed the information about Runes (deemed inadequate for the moment, better implementation being thought about), removed the Karma Furies (no need for Scions and Furies, Scions are enough), revamped the Karma Mark concept, and removed the information about Karma Gifts. Included information about Sponsored Weaving in the Sources section of the Weaving subpage.