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The future.

In a year long since lost to information decay, humanity was conquered, and brought into a grand interstellar empire: The Remeian Conglomerate. With the addition of humans, the races of this empire numbered one-hundred and eight, from all corners of the galaxy and of every shape and size. Surprisingly, what information that has been preserved suggests that no one species was dominant; all shared in the glory of this great institution.

And then it collapsed. The reason lost to time, the Remeian Conglomerate, the empire that spanned the Galaxy, fell apart into factions and fractions, with much of it's great work lost in the confusion. Whole solar systems were destroyed; many races, including humanity, lost their homeworlds. Although none were wiped out entirely, several came close, and would have died out were it not for the rediscovery of cloning. Previously unknown species, too alien to communicate or be reasoned with, began attacking seemingly at random. The death of the Conglomerate was the end of galactic unity.

Life, whatever element it was based in, went on. A feudal system developed; whatever group had managed to retain its resources became leaders within its star cluster, funding the protection of the lower class in exchange for labor. Some took their responsibility to their "serfs" seriously, others did not. A knight class developed; subservient to the high but above the low, these were the protectors, the oppressors, those who helped and harmed on the orders of the lords, those that deposed the lords if they overstepped their bounds.

In any case, they were the ones with the giant robots.

One city-planet from the Conglomerate has survived: Dutopa, a once Earth-like planet completely covered in development. The last bastion of multicultural society, Dutopa is a prime target for raiders, prime territory for merchants and thieves and radicals and possibly the most interesting place in the galaxy.

Most importantly, it needs every mech pilot it can get, and isn't picky. Defectors, mercenaries and loyal knights of other 'countries' sent by their lord for whatever reason, anyone in-between; if you can play nice with the others and own your own mech, they'll give you a job.

And that where we begin....