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Eden Project


All pretenses of the myth of climate change have evaporated. Equatorial regions of Africa, the Middle East, Southern Asia, Southern Europe and Latin America are devastated by drought, creeping desertification, torrential flooding and persistent sea level rises.

Many areas of the world have become basically uninhabitable, and hundreds of millions of people have become refugees in their own lands as they attempt to resettle in more northerly and southerly latitudes. Once thriving cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dubai and Mexico City are abandoned. Coastal areas lacking adequate defenses are inundated by rising sea levels.

In Europe, many are looking to Britain as a "lifeboat", which, despite being subject to increasingly volatile weather, is relatively stable compared to the likes of Spain, Italy and the Balkans. A similar situation is occurring in Canada, which has actually prospered from climate change due to improved agriculture and precipitation. It now faces a mass exodus of immigrants from the USA, Mexico and elsewhere.

Localized conflicts over food, water, territory and resources are erupting around the world.

As it had for thousands of years, humanity finds a way to struggle on; to take on these new burdens, to adapt and to survive. One such endeavour of mans survival is the Eden Project.

The Eden Project is the brainchild of Cormorant Technology, a group of like-minded scientists and visionaries.

By December of 2061 their accomplishments include completed database mapping of all Human and Animal Genomes, perfection of nanofabrication technology, construction of a dozen massive artificial biome complexes around the world and development of a voluntary cryonic preservation program.

Volunteers for the cryonics program come from all walks of life, all ages, all races and genders. The first volunteers are awarded signing bonuses that benefit their families, and so frequently came from the lower and middle class, but as the state of the world worsened, people were soon coming in droves and eventually paying to be preserved. The term “cryoneers” is coined in reference to these brave souls willing to undergo the artificial freezing process in the hopes that they may one day be reborn and make the world habitable again.