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Huge city-structures, biodomes are intended to be self-sufficient arcologies. Protected from the harsh environment, powered by a combination of geothermal and fusion energy, these are the pinnacle of post-war development. The biodomes are actually more like large hills than actual domes, their hundreds of levels holding space for the population to live, play, work and learn. As each biodome was filled to capacity and more, new ones were built to accomodate humanity's slow regrowth.

Based on the arcology principle, most people have never been more than a few sections away from their homes. Homes, schools and workplaces are arranged such that nobody has to travel more than half an hour by subway or elevator on a regular basis- if they do, barring mitigating circumstances, the law requires that they move.

Living in the biodomes, a basic standard of living is promised to all. Basic rights include housing, food, education, jobs, information and communication access.

Communication is run almost entirely through the government-controlled information grid, although it is rumoured that there exist hidden networks, cleverly hidden in and integrated with the main grid, accessible only to those who are invited.

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