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After WWIII, most existing cultures had been wiped out. The largest surviving cultural groups came from southern Africa, Australia, Latin America, Japan and northern Europe. Smaller but influential cultural influence also came from survivors from Israel and West Jordan, as well as yet smaller influences from all over the world.

While remnants of all these cultural influences remain to some extent, the vast majority have been flushed out by the new media, and remain of interest only in a historical context. Universalised educational syllabi, language, and mass media have created a cultural flattening.

Some features of mainstream human culture worth noting include:

  • A very harsh attitude towards wastefulness. Humans recycle everything they can.
  • Working for a corporation is often a lifelong endeavour, and job security is very high. Unemployment is almost non-existent, since only the wilfully unemployed or remotely located tend to stay that way.
  • Most popular media is bland, soulless junk- something that even a near-apocalypse couldn't change.

Of course, humanity has always been known for its exceptions. Now as much as ever, people are as varied as the snowflakes that help cause regular deaths among those insane enough to spend a lot of time outside the biodomes. Due to close and constant contact with their neighbours, they just share their quirks better than they used to.

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