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The United Council's laws rule as far as they can be enforced. The major Mars colonies are all governed by Earth's laws, which means that they have their own local governments broken down just as those on Earth. Some of the smaller colonies, and many colonies and research/mining stations further from Earth, are a bit more loose with the law. It's a well-known secret that many corporations conduct illegal or borderline-illegal research and other operations away from government eyes.

There are colonies that openly flout the Great Treaty, although the standard of life is consequently lower since it becomes difficult for them to obtain supplies without the aid of smugglers.

As the central government is basically a bureaucracy subcontracting actual services to corporations, a space station will belong to a particular corporation which is paid by the government for the services it provides. Most stations would be small enough that crews are transient in the long term but large enough to maintain living quarters - sort of like working on a military base. You can bring your spouse with you if it doesn't interfere with their work, i.e. if they work for the same corporation or if their work is not location-bound.

Larger space nexi have begun to accumulate trash-scavengers. United Council law has strong injunctions against waste from its origins in the biodomes, however in deep space corporations are finding some leftovers less expensive to simply discard than to ferry home for repurposing. Wherever the rule of law wanes in favour of corporate monopoly, large space stations develop orbital rings of rubbish, occasionally coalescing into small asteroids. Low-level employees will often supplement their income by taking a detour on routine vaccuum-jobs to collect useful metals, bits and pieces left in too-small quantities to be worth scraping together by the giants. Independent ships occasionally take a turn for this as well, although the situation is not yet extensive enough for any to make their living on it. However, this activity is technically not illegal, as the dumping of rubbish into space is itself illegal.

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