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Most power is generated by fusion reactors, much smaller, safer and cleaner than the messy nuclear fission reactors of pre-WWIII Earth. Most reactors use pure hydrogen fuel cells. Fusion power is used for all ground-based, non-mobile needs. Mobile and orbital projects large enough to have an engine (which takes up at least a 5x5x3 meter room, and requires a technician on hand) generally use one.

While fusion power is the mainstay of human society, other power sources still see use. In particular:

  • Solar power is used whenever possible in space. Solar sails make important backup power devices on any space vessel, since they function without fuel and with minimal maintenance- most pilots are trained to repair solar sails, even if they wouldn't know where to start with a fusion reactor.
  • Geothermal power is installed in all biodomes on planets with active cores. They are rarely seen in smaller installations, due to being large and expensive.
  • Smaller atmospheric flight vehicles, such as personal transports, still use jet engines powered by hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Personal devices such as communications units and personal computers use solid-state batteries.
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