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Cloning has existed in some form since well before the war, and was originally used to clone blood and stem cells for medical purposes. The presence of these new therapies in advanced societies, and the lack in others, can only have helped fuel the animosity that led to war.

Now, medical technology has taken these concepts expanded them to the whole system. Only the most baseline clinics lack the capacity to perform regenerative therapy. The careful might live to 150, with the current average expected lifespan for biodome inhabitants sitting comfortably at about 100 years. Research is constantly taking place to extend the possible human lifespan, as well as to tackle the more esoteric diseases that still defeat modern medicine.

The most contentious aspect of cloning is, of course, the creation of artificial or designed life. Technically, full-body or pre-birth cloning is illegal. As with many laws that restrict technological development, this one is broken by several corporate research stations hidden from the oversight of the United Council. Some have been successful, some less so. Occasionally, for whatever reason, cloned humans or non-human sentient creatures make their way into mainstream society. Their legal status is uncertain. While their creation is clearly illegal, their existence cannot be simply terminated, but it is difficult for them to access certain services, including mainstream medicine or police protection (unless, of course, they might have damning information regarding their "parent" corporations).

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