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World War III ravaged the homeland of humanity, wiping out swathes of its once-vast population. The war was so devastating, in fact, that it accomplished the most monumental feat of all human history- world peace. The survivors forged the Great Treaty, abolishing the nationalism of ages past and handing governance of humanity to a global republic, a hierarchy of democratic sectors and subsectors that gave each person an equal, compulsory say in who would be running the show.

Due to the sheer amount of nuclear weaponry deployed during the war, large pockets of radiation have persisted on Earth for far longer than they should have. A classic nuclear winter, augmented by a backfired attempt to repair the damaged atmosphere immediately after the war, have kept the sky dark and the sea frozen. The present population of Earth live in biohabitation domes, large arcologies insulated from the deadly atmosphere and designed to withstand everything from storms to glacial impact.

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