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March 2023

Iran fires nuclear warheads at Israel. Some very brave (and very dead) Israeli fighter pilots stop the missiles mid-air, resulting in nuclear fallout over the region surrounding Iraq. Israel declares that any other nuclear missiles fired anywhere in the world will be detonated in the air above the country responsible for firing them. America promptly declares war and invades Iran.


June 2030

With Israel's anti-nuclear capacity temporarily suppressed, the Eternal Caliphate of the United Arab States launches a bombardment on both Israel and the USA. Israel manages only to defend itself; the USA isn't so lucky. Being the real focus on the bombardment, the American Empire is brought low at last. Most of North America becomes uninhabitable.

Under the command of the mad General Johan Lopez, the American forces in Iran vow to fight until the last. With no support from their homeland, they change over entirely to guerilla tactics.

October 2030

Bangladesh changes sides, leaving the ECUAS under pressure from internal public opinion. Allying with India, the two nations start to push back against the ECUAS' Afghan front.

October 2032

Fighting back desperately against Indian and Bangladeshi forces, the ECUAS' Afghan front looks like it could fold soon. However, the two countries are suddenly and unexpectedly bombarded by a wide carpet of nuclear warheads all the way from Ishwarganj to Mumbai. It was never discovered whether the perpetrator was Russia, China or North Korea.


October 2038

The war ends with the Great Treaty.

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