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The trenchermen are an offshoot of the Reyan race. They dwell in greatest numbers in the largest of the sundrinker forests, although some also live amongst the Ainae. The trenchermen have evolved to appear quite different from their Renyan cousins. Their skin is the darkest of blacks crisscrossed with networks of silver-white veins and arteries over every part of their bodies. They have metallic teeth which are razor-sharp, pointed, and come in several rows, like a shark. Completely hairless, their eyes glow with the arcane energies present in the plants they eat; the males red, the females yellow.

They are omnivores eating many of the strange plants found in the forests, but their primary source of food is the rynnocs, hippos like creatures that mostly walk in herds across the forest floor, although they have impressive climbing abilities at their disposal especially considering their size.. They hunt this beast with throwing spears, as the rynnocs are adapted so as to give off a strong electric charge on death, which deters all other predators, but so long as they are killed from a distance they make for ridiculously easy hunting.

Their culture is based around the appreciation of food in all forms. They have many rituals based on food, and the appreciation of taste, particularly important is the ritualized cannibalism. The cannibalism is mostly a funeral ritual. They believe that it is better to take their dead friends into themselves rather than leaving them to feed worms or plants. They also eat the corpses of criminals and captured enemies. They do this as they have no prison system and doing otherwise appears to be wasteful to them. The penalty for theft is the loss of a hand, the hand is then gifted to and eaten by the wronged party.

The issue of cannibalism has led to a long standing feud with the normal Reyan who live of the boarders of their forest and whom they often raid them and take hostages to consume. Despite their willingness to eat their enemies they abhor all forms of slavery and see the dragons as pitiful slaves who should be freed. As they have found no way to free a dragon from its brainwashing they instead seek to free them all through death. As such they have become very proficient dragon slayers. Particularly through the use of their lightning magic. This magic is based around the manipulation of the lighting that the plants of the forest exude and so weakens greatly the further from the forest the user is. As such the trenchermen have a tremendous defensive advantage. This defensive advantage is increased by the way that the trenchermen have built their city. Every building is either suspended from the branches of the trees above or builds into the side of the great rock spires. As such there is no way for an enemy to reach the city from the ground and all raids the Renyan make have to be done on dragonback. These raids are universally unsuccessful.

While most trenchermen live in and around trenchertown, there are also several important settlements along the north coast of the sundrinker forest where they trade with the human and phaun traders that visit from far off lands. Mostly they sell bottled lighting and rynnoc meat, although there is also demand for some of the odd plants that grow in the forest. They use the currency of the refugees and few people rely on the old bartering system.