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The eastern continent is the largest landmass in the world and stretches from the frozen north to the boiling south. A couple of large island off the coast are also traditionally included in the western continent such as the Grassy island.

The Northern Forests: This is the land to the far north of the continent. The upper reaches are within the arctic circle, although the majority is in the upper reaches of the temperate zone. To the south is the obsidian glade and the sun drinker forest.

While trees and forest animals manage to make a living here, the northern area of the continent is a cold and desolate place. The woods are patrolled by wolf packs constantly on the edge of starvation. It is a dangerous, unforgiving land that has little to offer anyone. There are no precious resources here, or valuable plants or animals. All this place can offer is frostbite and a violent death.

The central expanse: The central expanse is the area in the middle of the continent that connects the other major regions. It stretches from the obsidian to the crystal glades. To the south are the rainforest and the south peninsular, to the east is the sun drinker forest.

This land mostly made up of open plains and grass land, with scattered temperate forests. There are three major features of note here. The great river and the mountain range that travels arte right angles to it that divide up the country side and the birthplace of islands that lays to the east of the region.

The central mountains as they are called are a large range of mountains starting just south of the equator and spreading from one shore of the continent to the other. They divide the content in two, to their west is the obsidian glade and the sundrinker forest, while east leads to the crystal glade, chiming plains and rainforest. As the mountains are high and difficult to pass this make it a bottle neck for any travel from one half of the continent to the other. The largest and most accessible pass is the one in the centre of the range carved by the great river as it makes its slow journey to the sea. The mountains are inhabited, but lack the great beauty of the North Mountains or the mountains abutting the crystal glade, rather the impression that the great granite peaks give is a foreboding one.

Underneath the mountains there are a great many tunnels and caverns, some filled with water and some with air. These are for the most part sealed off from the surface, although there are still one or two entrances hidden amongst the mountains. The air down there is stall and motionless, yet some limited forms of life still make their home here.

The most interesting area in the expanse is land just west of the crystal glade. It place appears at first glance to simply be an area of sublime forests with odd holes in the ground. In fact it is the origin of the flying islands that scatter across the southern hemisphere. In these massive holes in the ground aether moss lives in the cracks and crevices as far from the sun as they can manage. The moss grows and expands widening the cracks and eventually separating massive pieces of stone from the bedrock. This tumescent purple moss gets these amazing expansion properties from absorbing lighter than air gasses and trace amounts of arcane energy. This means that when the aether moss attaches to the underside of these pieces of rock they rise to be new floating islands, taking the forests that grow on the surface with them.

The floating islands are then caught by the wind and float away from their birth place. Mostly they head south west on the air currents. They continue in this direction for a long time before they reach South Pole, which they spend the rest of their lives circling. Throughout the life of a floating island the aether moss on the underside continues to grow, making the island continually more buoyant. Eventually the mossy mass beneath the island becomes so buoyant that the equilibrium of the great floating rock is overcome and it flips so that the lighter material is on top. When this occurs the moss is unable to hold the rock and is ripped free, hurtling up into the sky while the island plunges downwards. This whole process takes on average two hundred years. As there are constantly new islands being created there is a constant cycle of islands flowing across the globe.

While most of the islands end up in the proximity of the South Pole and so land harmlessly in the ocean, some strays are caught by odd winds and are blown in other directions. None ever make it across the doldrums at the equator so they don’t appear in the northern hemisphere, but they are occasional visitors to every part of the southern hemisphere. As such the land is gradually over the centuries pock marked with impact sites from the deaths of these floating boulders.

On the far side of the expanse to the birthplace of islands near the edge of the sundrinker forest is an important area of Reyan settlement.

The south peninsular: This is the peninsular at the south west of the continent, just across the straights form grassy island.

Most of the land here is a extremely low lying, it rises out of the sea gently, with beautiful golden beaches. The area is blown by warm tropic breezes and is quite idyllic. The inner areas of the peninsular have dark fertile soils, which are covered in a mixture of ferns and grasses. The Reyan though not native to this region live here quite prosperously. Herd beasts wonder the area and the adorable domestic Ternas frolic in the fields happily. Where the land widens out into the mainland there are light forests, full of small mammals and songbirds. Unlike other lands controlled by the Reyan there is not a large dragon population here. While a few of the mighty beasts are around to help people with their daily work, the majority of the race is on grassy island attending to the elder guardian or in the sundrinker forest where people need the protection.

The sun drinker forest: This region is on the west coast of the western continent and juts out into the sea so that only the eastern area borders the land. Where it does meet land it connects to the central expanse.

This land is dominated by great spires of rock from which huge trees bloom. These trees have leaves of the darkest black and soak in the rays of the sun with a greedy ferocity. They cover the entire land with a dark canopy so that there is hardly any direct sunlight that ever reaches the base of the spires. The trees use most of the energy collected to grow and reproduce, but down the sides of the spires where their great root tendrils run, they pulse out great amounts of arcane power as they amplify the sun’s power. All across the ground underneath the black forest lays a mat of these roots which arc lightning between different strands. The forest floor is inhabited by rynnocs. In the east straddling the border of the forest is a deep salty lake, waters from the very bottom of the lake have so limited restorative properties.

This land is home to an off shoot of the Reyan race. The trenchermen as they are called and is the location of their capital trenchertown.

The grassy island: The island that is off the south west coast of the continent. To the north is the sundrinker forest and the central expanse, while to the east is the south peninsular.

Separated from the mainland by a narrow, but fast flowing straight, this island is wide open grassland, broken only by the occasional corpse of trees or some softly rolling hills. There are few carnivores here and the landscape is dominated by great herds of many types of grazing beasts, cows, and horses are present, but the greatest numbers are made up of the colored deer. The males are bright silver and the females’ cyan. Neither gender had any horns, although given the lack of any particularly dangerous predators and the less aggressive competition that is undergone for mate selection; they have little need for them.

This also the birth place of sentience. The Renyan and their guardians live here in peace and harmony. There is no single city as people are spread evenly across the entire land.

The western rainforest : Located on the peninsular to the south of the continent. To the north lies the central expanse in all other directions ocean.

A lush forest overflowing with life and with water. The brightest descendents of the finches live here and colorful flowers bloom all year round. Still for all its vibrancy this is a wild place. Dangerous hunters stalk the area and life is short for the beasts of the rainforest. The entirety of the rainforest is on a raised plateau several hundred meters in the air. Around the base of the rainforest is a collection of deep sea fissures that cause the water around to steam and rise. This water vapor is what causes the high quantity of rain that falls in the area. All the rain that does fall in this area grains into one massive river that meanders northwards to the heart of the continent.

Where the river meets the edge of the plateau a vast three kilometre wide waterfall occurs. These falls throw mist into the air for miles around. The lake at the foot of the plateau call misty lake is the largest inland body of water in the world. The lake then drains into a massive mirror that flows through the low mountains to the north. These mountains share many properties with the elevated rainforest and are lush and full of life.

While the vast majority of the water in this region flows into the river a few standing pools of water do exist. Most of these pools are normal pools of every day waster, however some of them are different, these fae pools are the center point of sprite and dryad populations. The fae pools while visually unremarkable contain distilled magical energy. This magic was what attracted the fey to them, and is also possibly the source of their magical abilities. The water when absorbed by the nearby trees that have their roots in the pools gain a certain form of intelligence and are able to move their limbs in defense of the pools.

There is currently a group of rebel dragons living in hiding amongst the trees here.

Chiming fields: An area in the north east of the western continent. To the north across a narrow channel are the westerlands of the northern continent. To the west are the glowing shallows and to the south are the crystal glades.

A place where razor grass grows. The grass is called such due to its metallic composition and the slenderness of its blades. The grass is propagates through small metallic worms that resemble, the larval stage of iron moss from the isle of storms. These worms don’t actually become like iron moss does, but instead craft it. The grass then grows and the worms later consume it. As such the process is much like a form of farming. The winds that blow through this region rustle the blades of grass against each other which is what give the fields their name, as the noise created is a chiming sound.

The razor worms aren’t the only creature that live here though, an entire ecosystem of metallic life forms live out their lives here. Amongst them are the land striders. Whose feet are hardened enough to be able to step on the cutting razor grass. Their legs are long and slender so that the rest of their bodies never brushes the grass. They have scythe like claws to harvest food, although they can also feed off electrical discharge as they have electricity bladders just as the storm chasers do.

Obsidian glade: The large circular glade in between the northern forests and the central expanse.

A glade that formed in the centre of an impact creator. It is full of lush sub-tropical florna. Ferns and shrubs grow well here. Animals also flourish in the glade. At the centre of the glad and the reason for its name is a great obsidian tree. It’ massive trunk composed of a black jagged mineral. Its leaves, however were normal in composition, although slightly larger. The largest tree on the planet the only tree to come close to its size is the similar crystal tree, but it outstrips this one by a slight amount. At the outer edge of the glad is the crater wall, which has formed high cliffs. There are only a few naturally formed point where the glad can be accessed. The outer edge of the crater wall is a stony land of near lifeless foothills. There would be no life there at all if it were not for the great river that flows at the base of these hills.

Crystal Glade: The large circular glade and the area that surrounds it on the far eastern side of the western continent.

A glade that formed in the centre of an impact creator situated on the far eastern side of the continent just south of the chiming fields. It is full of lush sub-tropical florna. Ferns and shrubs grow well here. Animals also flourish in the glade. At the centre of the glad and the reason for its name is a great crystal tree. It’ massive trunk composed of the purest white crystal. Its leaves however were normal in composition, although slightly larger. The second largest tree on the planet the only tree that is larger is the similar obsidian tree. The edge of the glad fades into the hills formed by the crater. They rise quite high but the slope is gradual and so the climb is not to difficult. These hills teem with almost as much life as the glad itself, as these hills rise they merge with a mountain range to the north. The ecosystems of the mountains merge with that of the glade and many of the same creatures are found in the two places.