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Erilion/Geography Index

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Erilion is a diverse land of many natural regions; In the east, the Hollands hold a land of rolling hills, sweeping meadows and sleepy villages, lazing in the afternoon sun. This landscape continues West, into central Erilion and into Morgan land, where the hills become rocky mountains, each one steeper and higher than the last, and the grass and crops become hardy weeds, the only foliage seen here. Continuing West the land thinnens to a single point, where Edgepoint, the Morgan stronghold and capital, lies.

In the south, a long finger of land stretches east, lined with sandy, hazy beaches and golden cities. This land belongs to Burgess house, and their many cities fill up year on year as traders and other folk who have struck it rich flock to Burgess land to enjoy the good life.

The North, however, is mostly mysterious and unknown to most in Erilion. To the North streches the great forest, where trees stretch increasingly higher; folk tell tales of trees reaching miles high, although they have never seent them. The forest is only known to those living there; tribal peoples, who worship the primal spirits while living off the land. In known times only very few have entered civilization, and the rangers who patrol the outskirts have seen very little, so there is very little understanding of the darker depths of the forest. Blackwood house, who see themselves as forest people and claim to own it all, only situate themselves on a thin peice of land on the forest outskirts.

In the centre the four families meet at Soldus, the capital city of all of Erilion, mostly seen as neutral.