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House Holland was founded in 7RH during an event know as the Splitting, an event in which the three brothers of the Old House Blackwood - Donald, Morgan, and Holland - in order of age, with Donald the eldest - feuded over a dispure regarding Donald's decision to invade the great forest and claim it from the tribal northern peoples. Morgan and Holland went their seperate ways, stealing their share of the Blackwood fortune and forming their own houses. These houses grew very quickly, as many of the townsfolk who were displeased with Donald's rule flocked to the territory of the new houses - In a decade, Blackwood had shrank to one tenth of its former power, the two newest houses taking over the majority of the land.

Holland was present at the forming of the Soldus senate in 200RH along with the four other great houses. As the second most powerful house (before Morgan) it still has a large presence within the senate, with a number of senators coming directly from the house itself.

Geographically, Holland holds the eastern shore and the eastern side of central Erilion. The many meadows and fertile soil means that Holland territory is responsible for the majority of food production - this has been a great financial boon to the house in recent times.

Holland house is currently rules by Allister Holland, the youngest and only surviving son of Donald Holland, who was killed ten years ago in suspicous circumstances. His two eldest sons were also found dead three years ago, leaving Holland house in the hands of an 19-year old Allister. With the help of his council, Allister kept the house aflout, although many doubted his ability to lead, and many grow anxious that growing tension with house Morgan may spell the end for one of the most ancient of houses.