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  • Using standard English calendar names for days of the week and months are all the ones we already know.
  • The world has one moon that behaves in all ways like the Moon we all know and love/hate.
  • There is one yellow sun. Days are 24 hours long.
  • The year in this world is currently measured as AI, which means Ascension of Iriah, a beloved and sainted heroine who toppled the worst tyrant the world has ever seen.

The Known World


The kingdom of Wyslen is lot like most other feudal fantasy kingdoms. There's a King and a Queen with some Royal offspring. The rich are really rich and the poor are dirt poor. Much of the kingdom is farmland. There are places where the land is untamed by the civilized races, and it has the usual sorts of tensions with its neighbors. The capital city, Wys, sits on Lake Faye and the Kardis River, and is home to some fifteen thousand souls. The rest of the population of Wyslen lives in small towns and farming villages. People are as pious here as anywhere else, and all the civilized races can be found here, living more or less in harmony.

It's a very average sort of place. Or so they would like you to think. The non-human races are not especially common and often have difficulty getting their particular needs met. There is no open prejudice, but only humans hold noble titles, and very few nonhumans work in positions of governmental authority.


Keslamon is a small commune high in the mountains where the borders of four kingdoms meet: Wyslen, Askrin, Daelitor, and Serecine. The people who live there are hardy folk devoted to the care of the Oracle, a being who receives visions from all the gods, not just one or two. The Keslites, as they are referred to, are of every race, pilgrims who come from across the world to serve him or her. As part of it, most of them hope to one day be chosen as the Oracle's successor, or to bear the child of the Oracle, who may be male or female. The current Oracle is an elven man, and he has held the position for thirty-seven years.


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A predominantly elven nation, the majority of Daelitor is forested. The elves are ruled by the Elder Council, which is comprised of five members, each of whom have equal weight in the decision making process. Daelitor society is largely casteless, and financial wealth is not the great boon it can be in human society, as there is a more communal structure to the government.


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The kingdom between Shule and Wyslen.


Rhea's homeland. Humans are the dominant race, so much so that other races are extremely uncommon.