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First Contact/Creating A Character Index

The following information will help those wishing to make a character for First Contact. I will try to explain all concepts here. For all character creation that requires dice rolls, these will be conducted on the application post. If multiple dice rolls are required, the player will roll on the application post, then edit his post with his chosen roll.

Name: Character's Name
Age: Characters must be at least young adults, as children would make the game play more difficult when the real battles against the aliens begin.
Money: Money will be a random amount determined by rolling a 1D100 one time, which will represent the pocket change each character had on them at the time of First Contact.
Health: Health will be determined by rolling 1D100 three times, and choosing which number they wish to represent their overall health. The higher the number, the better the health.
Armor: Armor depends on the quality of armor the current player is wearing. Normal clothing provides no armor.
Action Points: Action Points represents the movement and actions a player can do on its given turn. Everything a player does required the use of Action Points(AP). Once the round is over, action points will return to the normal level. To determine AP, the player rolls 1D20 three times and choosing the desired roll.
Bravery: Bravery represent how the player acts during missions, and will determine what order the player will be in while posting. A player with high bravery will not be affected much during alien contact, while someone who's bravery is waning will panic flee, or go berserk during combat. Bravery is determined by rolling 1D100 three times and choosing the number you wish to represent your bravery.

The following five characteristics will be considered the five main skills. Level one players will be awarded 25 points to divide between the skills as they see fit. Every skill must at least have one point in it, and please do not try to put all your points in one skill.

Strength: Affects carrying weight and Melee Damage, and throwing power
Accuracy: Determines how well the player shoots and throws.
Psionics: Determines how powerful the player's PSI attacks and defenses are
Intelligence: Affects what the player can learn, research, and teach. Determines quality of Medikit. Players with high intelligence can sometimes find easier ways out of situations.
Craftsmanship: Affects what the player can build and improve. Generally handing characters can put together about everything.

The following are skills that are dependent on other skills to achieve the total.

Weight Carried: This is the amount of weight that can be carried on your person at any given time. Weight carried is calculating by multiplying the player's strength by twenty.
Shooting: Shooting is the sum of Accuracy and the Quality of a weapon. This sum determines how many sides the die has when rolled. The number that is rolled will be the amount of damage output. Shot difficulty will decrease success of shots.
Melee Damage: Strength plus quality of weapon used.
Throwing: Strength plus accuracy.

Skills: At the beginning of the game, players can choose two skills to start with, or they can put two points in any one skill. One skill point will be given at every five level interval. Available skills are explained by clicking the skills link.

Items: New players can have any modern items they may carry on their person at any given time. The start of the game is going to be frantic and sudden, so carrying around a sniper rifle wouldn't be something that is always carried around. I will allow players to have access to a pistol or shotgun, but do not overkill this. The game is meant to be a survive and conquer, not overpower.