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Present day Orleans, Indiana. There is nothing out of the ordinary, everyone knows everyone's business, people come and go from work, and the biggest drama is the brawl that happened at the bar the night before. This is your common everyday small town America, but this small town was in for a change and nobody could have expected it.

The story will be based off the X-Com video games that first came out in the early 90's. The aliens, equipment, and general play style will be used here at Myth Weavers and will hopefully translate to an entertaining time here on the forums. The rules have been created by me, Coren, and are not concrete. As we play through the game and notice that some of the rules need to be tweaked, I will look into it and fix it as I see fit.

First Contact will be about fun and role playing. Instead of controlling a group of random soldiers that are sent to combat the Alien threat, the players in this game will start out as civilians in the small town of Indiana. They will be some of the first witnesses to an Alien landing and will experience what happens afterward. As the game master, I will play out the NPC's and any other actions the players can not play out on their own. I will continue the story on and keep it as entertaining as possible. As the story progresses, so shall the characters and their skills. New weapons may come available as well as researching technology and manufacturing alien equipment. Though, the beginning of the game will be strictly about survival.