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Founder Legacy/Player Information/Character Creation Index

Character Creation Guidelines
Point Buy: 15 (standard)
Starting Level: 5
Starting Wealth: 10500 gp
Races Allowed: Human (A), Elf (G), Dwarf (G), Gnome (G), Halfling (G), Kobold (E), Goblin (E), Orc (E), Hobgoblin (E)
Alignment: It is based on race. (A) means any, (G) means some flavor of good, (E) means some flavor of evil. Humans can go either direction, but must pick a good or evil slant.
Hit Points: Maximum for first level. Roll for HP for each level after that. Reroll any 1's for hitpoints.
Traits: 1
Allowed Sources: Anything from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document is acceptable. Anything else must be approved by me.
Banned Sources: None.
Rise to Power: How you came to be in charge of your little village is what I'd like to know. Keep in mind you are in a place which is so far removed from the rest of the world, that most events which are in the books mean little to you unless they are truly global events.