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One of the new systems I am going to be implementing is a question/challenge system. This is the mechanic which will be used for smaller quests and/or certain activities. It is a semi-hybrid of 4E D&D's skill challenge system with some other factors. For example, when expanding your territory, you might find one like.

The system is made to give everyone an opportunity to speed up certain aspects of the game which in a quasi-solo environment might get bogged down. I will also players the chance to do unique things, if they so desire, with these quests. Maybe you have a particular desire to do something with the trolls in this example. Maybe you offer them an incentive or have an ingenious plan to root them out. All of those can play a part if you desire, but remember, the overall mechanic is there to speed things along.

This mechanic is also good if a player has an idea for doing something. Let's say you want to send your people looking for something. We can work out something like that too.