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Gaslight Investigations



Welcome to Gaslight Investigations: a FATE game set in the Victorian era. See: Game Forum


Robert Gideon Henley

Places of Interest


RED text are entries that may or may not be correctly placed in time.

The 1820's

  • 1822
    • Anton Arnheim is born.

The 1830's

The 1840's

The 1850's

  • 1851
    • The Great Exhibition (the first World's Fair) was held at the Crystal Palace, with great success and international attention.
  • 1854
    • Dr. Anton Arnheim (age:32) fights in the Crimean until it's end in 1856.

The 1860's

The 1870's

  • 1879

The 1880's

  • 1880
    • December 5: Episode - The Missing Olivia Chase
  • 1881
    • January: Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell form the Oriental Telephone Company.
    • April 12: Episode - Arthur Babington
    • June 11: Episode -