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The year is 12MU, which signifies twelve millennia since the colonization of Nineveh by the peoples of Ur - the pivotal moment in societal development. Since then humanity has been united under a single, centralized Empire. As the result of overpopulation and increasing space-faring ability, the population has become stratified across planets. The home planet Ur suffers from extreme overpopulation and is for the most part a lower class place with little hope of societal advancement for its inhabitants. The colony planet of Nineveh is more like the Earth we know today, with inhabitants ranging from extremely poor to rich. The aristocracy is situated on Eden - which is a moon of the ice planet Belawat. Finally, the Empire's criminal population is shipped out to the gas giant Exile, where they are deposited on a moon according to security level and forgotten about by the populace - confident that the radiation levels and distance will keep them from troubling society again.

Geta Geta is an Orange Dwarf type star around half the size of the sun and a tenth of its luminosity. As a result two of the planets in the Geta system bore native life - Ur and Nineveh.