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Containment Grid

(Size 10, Durability 5) The Containment Grid stores all the ghost and spirits that the Ghostbusters capture. It can hold potentially hundreds, if not thousands of entities. An entity imprisoned in the Containment Grid is in a state of slumber, and will remain so unless the Grid is compromised. If the Grid is damaged or powered down, the contained spirits immediately awaken and escape.


Ecto-1 is a modified Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance that serves as the Ghostbusters primary transport. It is heavily outfitted with weapons racks, sensory equipment, lights, and its distinctive siren. The vehicle stores 4 sets of Proton Packs, 6 PKE Meters, Ghost Traps and Ecto Visors, and an assortment of mundane equipment (tools, flashlights, climbing gears, communication devices, etc) Durability: 3, Size: 16, Structure: 19, Acceleration: 13, Safe Speed: 99, Speed: 192, Handling: 2, Occupants: 1+ 4


(Size 1, Durability 1) These modified Night vision Goggles have the added benefit of being able to detect and perceive ephemeral entities are manifested or in Twilight, but would otherwise be imperceptible.


(Size 4, Durability 3) These devices project a stream of psychomagnetherically charged ectoplasm (a.k.a mood slime) over a wide area. This weapon is used infrequently as it requires vast amount of difficult to obtain ectoplasm. The ectoplasm is charged with a strong positive resonance, and targets struck by it must make a Resolve +Composure (at a -3 penalty) roll or be overwhelmed by positive sensations, and suffer a -3 penalty to dice polls for any hostile action for the remainder of the scene. Entities with a low morality (3 or less) or associated with negative concepts that are materialized or possessing a mortal are not effected by the mood altering effects of the slime, but lose 1 point of essence for each success on the attack roll. Resolve attacks with this weapon as long burst of autofire.

Ghost Trap

(Size 2, Durability 2) This trap is a sturdy box with a hinged lid and tethered to a cable (usually 3-5 yards) with a foot pedal at the end. Pressing the lever opens the box, which generates a force field capable of drawing in and trapping ghost and spirits. Ghost Traps may be positioned, or treated as a thrown weapon. When opened, the trap units a brilliant white cone of energy that draws in any nearby ephemeral entities (manifested, materialized, or in Twilight). Once triggered, any Spirit within 3 yards of the Trap must make roll with their Power with a penalty of -5. If successful, the Spirit evades capture. Otherwise, they are drawn into the trap and cannot escape until the trap is opened or destroyed. A single trap may hold up to 3 discreet entities.

Jump Suit

The Ghostbusters signature Jumpsuit’s are fire retardant and provide Armor 1/0.

PKE Meter

(Size 1, Durability 1) PKE (Psychokinetic Energy) Meters are hand held devices that detect Ephemeral Entities. The device has a light display and arms that raise and lower based on the power and proximity of ghost and Spirits in Twilight. Reading the Meter is an Extended Intelligence +Science or Wits +Composure roll. Every 3 successes reveals a detail; Number of Entities (Single, Multiple (2 or more), Many (10+), Horde (20+)), Power (Based on Entities Rank +Highest Trait Score (Low (1-4), Moderate (5-8 ), High (9-12), Extreme (13+), and Proximity (Close (Less than 10 meters), Medium (11-30 meters), Far (31-60 meters). Other creature with an Essence score (Ridden, Hosts, and Werewolves) can also be detected, but at a -3 die penalty.

Proton Pack

(Size 4, Durability 3) These small charged particle accelerators fire a stream of energy capable of injuring or subduing ephemeral entities. Attacks with the Proton Pack are made with Dexterity +Firearms. The weapon has two major settings; Disruption: The basic setting allows lethal damage to be dealt to manifested or materialized ephemeral entities. The erratic path of the beam allows targets to use their defense against the attack. The beams are less effective against non-ephemeral targets, and only deal bashing damage against them (unless an exceptional success is scored, which converts the damage to lethal). Containment: The Contain setting allows a Spirit to be grappled at a range. The Spirit must be within its last 3 health boxes for this setting to be effective. The target may apply their defense but is considered Immobilized on a successful attack. Spirits attempting to escape must make a Power roll with a -3 penalty, and achieve more successes than were scored on the initial Containment attack. A Spirit that has been contained may be moved a distance of 3 yards/per success on a (Strength +Athletics) roll. Crossing the Streams is Bad. It only happens if it done intentionally, or if two or more Ghostbusters attacking the same target in the same turn suffers Dramatic failures. What results is a catastrophic explosion that deals Force 6L (9-again, Knockdown) damage with a blast area of 20 yards. Any ephemeral entities in the area take aggravated damage instead of lethal, and any gateways into the Shadow Realm or other plane of existence are immediately closed. Damage 3(L), Range 15/30/45, Strength: 3, Size: 4