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The Pantheon

There are 9 deities, all divine siblings in a very dysfunctional family, and each roughly corresponding to the 9 principle alignments. Just because a particular deity roughly corresponds with a particular alignment does not mean his or her followers must be of that same alignment. The general D&D rule is that they cannot be more than one step away on the Law/Chaos axis or the Good/Evil axis and that does provide a good starting point, but doesn't have to be adhered to explicitly. Paladins, for example, are still required to be Lawful Good, and this would mean they would need to follow a deity that was at most one step removed from the "Lawful Good Deity" on the axes; so that, a Paladin may follow the Lawful Good, the Lawful Neutral, the Neutral Good, or the True Neutral deity. Those deities on the chaotic axis would not have paladins, the whole idea being unorthodox in their way of thinking. And the Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil deities have what we may call, for ease of discussion, Fallen Paladins. In terms of selecting a deity, please strongly consider doing so. This does not mean you are a zealot or even a particularly strong adherent, but at least you would have an ethos. So called atheistic characters would not easily find a place in the world and would generally be regarded as incomplete in some way. All that being said, let me list out the deities and describe them briefly. Each deity has a proper name, but is more commonly known in the world by their title. I will put the alignment to which they roughly correspond in parentheses.

Genero - The Maker - (Lawful Good) Though all the gods had a hand in the creation of the world, Genero is considered to be the chief architect and dreamer. The world, therefore, is basically a good creation where the function of evil is not so much an absence of good, but rather a misuse of it in some way. His followers tend to be righteous, even zealous at times, good-hearted, and law abiding people. He won the fight with his brother Hassatan over who would have primacy of place during the creation, but was left scarred by their conflict.

Nulemti - The Sealer - (Lawful Neutral) The voice of reason above all things, Nulemti presided over the binding of the world into a sense of balance. Her followers tend to use law and order to best benefit the situation (situational ethics) rather than best benefiting society as a whole or the individual.

Zkazit - The Corrupter - (Lawful Evil) Taking the creation of the world and bending, but not breaking it to his own whims, Zkazit and his followers find themselves at odds with almost everyone, except of course, those who are willing to bribe or be bribed to accomplish their own ends in a highly organized and structured way wherein they aim to wrap evil in law as an attempt to make it seem good.

Mosheach - The Redeemer - (Neutral Good) He is the usher of the departed into the realms of the afterlife and is the sanctifier of all just dealing and right action, particularly as it relates to food, trade, and commerce. He takes special care to watch over those society has forgotten or let slip through the cracks while his followers work both within and outside governments and law to accomplish this. He and his followers seek the ultimate redemption of those who have been lost to Hassatan.

Sunee - The Lover - (True Neutral) As the goddess of love, which can create, destroy, unsettle, amuse, bind, release, bring happiness or anguish, tempt or forego, fulfill or leave wanting, it is fitting that she sits in the center of her divine brethren with a hand on each of their shoulders.

Kavaltaa - The Betrayer - (Neutral Evil) He, perhaps the most despised of the gods, will do anything to advance his own agenda and at any cost. Yet, he, more than any of the gods, is paradoxically the most attractive to a broken world populated by hurting people. His followers learn quickly that their god's attentions are fickle and temporary at best.

Teekond - The Longwalker - (Chaotic Good) Eschewing the organized civilizations populated by the makers of rule and code, Teekond is perhaps the essence of journey personified. He agreed with his brother Genero that the world was and needed to be a good place in its very nature, but he's never seen eye to eye with him on the issue of governance. Teekond's followers tend not to stay in one place very long and do not align themselves with organizations nor do they acquire many personal possessions, seeing them as a prisoner sees his chains.

Jaeger - The Hunter - (Chaotic Neutral) Maybe the most misunderstood of all his siblings, Jaeger is solitary like his brother Teekond, but for very different reasons. His followers tend to obey above all else their primal urges, seeing them as what actually orders the world underneath all the pretense of civilization. While not necessarily evil, Jaeger and his followers are as often on the "wrong" side of what more civilized persons would refer to as morality as they are on the "right" side. But notions of "right" and "wrong" are as alien to Jaeger as anything.

Hassatan - The Destroyer - (Chaotic Evil) During the foundation of the world, Hassatan and Genero, the two oldest and most powerful of all the 9, were at odds over the how and the why of creation. Genero, the oldest, was slightly more powerful, but only just, and therefore he won the disagreement but at a high price. Whereas before the argument, Genero and Hassatan were bonded by a mutual love and respect for one another, that was the selfsame cost of Genero's victory. Now Hassatan lives and breathes for the destruction of the world, which, though he had a hand in its forging, he hates with an unrivaled passion. His followers are ruthless, yet creative, and unrelenting in their pursuit of discord.


Genero - Earth, Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength, Community, Creation, Cold, Winter

Nulemti - Air, Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Water, Liberation, War, Winter

Zkazit - Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Luck, Trickery, Cold

Mosheach - Death, Glory, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection, Sun, Repose, Cold

Sunee - Animal, Healing, Luck, Magic, Rune, Charm, Repose, Community, Winter

Kavaltaa - Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Law, Madness, War, Fire, Cold

Teekond - Animal, Earth, Good, Healing, Luck, Plant, Travel, Weather, Winter

Jaeger - Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Magic, Trickery, Water, Winter

Hassatan - Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Scalykind, Strength, War, Water, Cold