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The Godsland of Krem

This is a homebrew world designed from my youth, a new world discovered by a conqueror who became a King and then became a god.

The Kingdom of Krem is a human centric world, other non human races exist however they dwell within their own realms. The Elves are said to be immortal and live within the Great Forest. Dwarves live within the mountains and are known as 'Stonemen'. Orc's and goblins live below ground in the Badlands. The Drow are also found underground or during the time of the long winter during the dark wars they send large armies to lay waste to the human lands.

Paladin's are classified as a restricted prestige class. Ranger non spell casting class variant applies.

All magic is outlawed by the Godrulers church of Krem, the only recognised priesthood in the Kingdom of Krem. Divine and Arcane spellcasters have been hunted by the church inquisitors for over a hundred years.

The Druids of the Duncan Clan are a dying order, one tolerated by the King as they worship the old gods... mainly considered as Myths and Legends by the common folk.