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The Godsland of Krem

Discovery of the New World

Three hundred years ago, the great conqueror Krem sailed with his armies across the vast oceans and discovered a new world. The lands were lush and green with great ancient forests and large open expanses of beautiful countryside ending in snowcapped mountains. It was here the humans under their Lord Krem discovered ancient megalithic ruins of a long past civilisation perhaps several thousands of years old... and evidence of arcane mystical powers that was far advanced of anything known by the humans. Indeed, it was the beginning of a new age for the people of Krem.

Strange new creatures inhabited the forests, lived under the earth and inside the mountains. They were intelligent beings, who had their own cultures, languages and civilisation's. Creatures the humans had not encountered before... The first 'people' the humans encountered were the Elves, a race of supernatural beings to whom it seemed had the gift of immortality and harnessed powerful arcane power, the likes had never been seen before. Their mystical realm was within the heart of the ancient forests, a place where it is said no mortal could tread...

Setting up an Empire

The great Lord Krem, his seven Lords, the grand army and their families settled on the new world. After over a decade of wars and conquering, a time of peace seemed at hand. The new world was named after the great conqueror Krem, a man who would be god, and so became the Godsland of Krem. For a time it seemed, it was an age of peace and rebuilding a new civilisation. Several cities were quickly established from the ruins of the ancient sites, each lordship ruled by the founding Lords, the captains of the great conqueror Krem's army. The Church of Krem was established as the Godruler Krem achieved his immortal status in the new official religion of the Empire... and so the pure strain were created, a new order of holy knights.

The Dark Wars

The time of peace was coming to an end as a new era of Dark Wars was to last for over a hundred years. It began with new green skinned creatures, spawned it seems from beneath the ground itself, emerged and began terrorizing outlying rural communities. These creatures, called Orc's and Goblins by the Elves, were a precursor for a new and terrifying army... the Drow, Elves with jet black skin and deathly white eyes. It was a winter of darkness, when the very sun itself was blotted out for weeks and months at a time and the world was plunged into a strange twilight... every Winter for a hundred years battle ensued throughout the Empire. The Drow armies would mysteriously disappear back into the ground at the end of the time of twilight, only to re-emerge the next Winter in a different location... so it continued for a hundred years...

Death of a Godruler and Civil War

Now around a hundred years later, after the Dark Wars. The last in the great Krem's bloodline killed by the Drow dark prince, and the legendary Lifesword lost in the battle... Krem's great empire has been torn apart as several mighty Lords wage war on one another to claim succession of the Godking Krem's empire. The peoples of Krem are killing one another as great battles are fought throughout the lands. Krem's church remains silent as doom and despair wash over the lands... The words on everybody's lips is How can a Godruler Emperor simply die?

As civil war ensues for the first time in the history of the Godsland of Krem, chaos reigns... Lord Harak, the Black, has raised a powerful army with vicious Orc's and Goblins in it's ranks securing his territory and laying waste to the surrounding Lordships. An exodus of refugee's from Harad seek refuge in the surrounding lands, young men are pressed into service as soldiers... women sent to work the fields as the men are gone. Roving bandits prey upon the weak and lawlessness reigns over the roads. To make things worse, it can only be a matter of time before the Drow strike again... dark times indeed.