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Gotham's Finest


The Setting

Gotham's Finest is set in an alternate DC Universe Earth using various sources (Comics, Animated Show, Games, Movies, Etc.) as inspiration. Batman has vanished from the shadows of the city, very early in his career. Bruce Wayne's story has him listed that he was in a "car crash" for his current apparent handicap state. The various crime families and psychopaths that infest the city are starting to notice the disappearance of the Bat now and the city is becoming a cesspool of lawlessness once again. The game is primarily using the Christopher Nolanmovies Batman Begins/The Dark Knight as its main inspiration in the dark reality of the world and the fact that no other superheroes exist. This however doesn't mean that some of Bat's villains with superpowers aren't going to show up at some point. Much of how many famous faces develop in the city will be based on the PCs and their interaction with them. The game will be making use of the NWoD Storyteller system by White Wolf,Inc with a few minor house rules. Most of said house rules will be those noted in various NWoD supplements such as Mirrors and Armory: Reloaded.


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