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Real Name: Jervis Tetch

Height: 5'8

Weight:150 lb

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue


Jervis Tetch, formerly a research scientist of Wayne-Power corporation, is completely smitten with the works of Lewis Carroll. As his criminal name indicates, he takes the appearance of the Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He is an insane neuroscientist and developed hardware that can control the brain and induce hypnotic states, and often uses hats or other headgear for mind control.

In-game History

Jervis Tetch was the MCU's first case solved successfully by Jack Fletcher. Tetch having developed a means of controlling people had taken it upon himself to begin stealing. After a botched attempt to arrest him Jack Fletcher and Kurt Flannery were found to have been manipulated into robbing a bank. After the death of the bank manager, the two were put on suspension.

While inebriated, Jack was able to ID Tetch and, with Officer Charvat's help, was able to make the arrest. Tetch was promptly sent to Arkham Asylum were he currently still resides