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Real Name: Harvey Dent

Height: 5'11

Weight:180 lb

Hair: Blond/none

Eyes: Blue/Red


At 26, Dent is the youngest district attorney ever to serve Gotham City, and is nicknamed "Apollo" for his clean-cut image, though when he worked at internal affairs he earned the rather unfortunate nickname of 'Two-face'. He was elected about six months before Batman began his war on crime

In-game history:

Dent's unfortunate accident happened while several officers were on duty. The explosion took off half of his face, scarring him for life. Physically and emotionally. After Sgt. Scott Jackson met with him in the hospital it became clear that Harvey Dent was a thoroughly broken individual. After breaking out of the hospital, Dent has taken up the moniker of 'Two-Face', and is obsessed with his coin and the concept of duality.

He recently was found by Peter Charvat, but he along with Adam Holt and Scott Jackson, were unable to make the arrest resulting in a destroyed building and several dead meth dealers.