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Drake Mason



Drake Mason was born to Shannon and Amanda Mason on August 15th, 1980. He was the second son, coming 8 full years after his older brother Daren. Not much later his other brothers and sisters came along in near rapid succession. First Trisha, then Mickey and finally after a longer wait, his little sister Candice.

His family proudly served in the GPD on both sides of his family for five generations. Drake's father was a detective in the Gotham City Police Department. He was often away working a case, but whenever he was home, he tried to instill a sense of morality and justice in his sons and daughters.

Early on Drake developed a hero worship relationship with his older brother since his father was often out of the house for work. When Daren started Martial arts classes, so did Drake. Because Daren played football, so did Drake. This led to some interesting fights when Drake made the mistake of pursuing the same women as his older brother, but the die was cast.

On the whole his life was fairly average all the way through high school. That was the first time his world view was shattered. Daren had followed in his father's footsteps and joined GPD, and looked to be well on his way to detective status at an incredibly early age. Drake was the star running back of his high school football team and was carefully considering offers from a variety of universities.

Then one night late in his senior year, his father and brother were found in a warehouse in Gotham's sweat shop district. They had been bound and executed, and rumors began to circulate saying that the two Masons were dirty cops.

Drake watched helplessly as his mother's world fell apart, and people they'd once counted as friends started to make excuses not to be seen with them. Suddenly the schools that had been eager to sign him to a scholarship started to withdraw their offers. Finally there were only two schools left.

Drake turned down the final two offers, surprising his few remaining friends, and instead at the age of 17 enlisted in the military.

He entered into the Air Force's Law enforcement program, and then went on to K-9 schools (also completing narcotics and bomb dog extensions). For the next four years his life was stable, even when deployed to the Gulf he felt his life had purpose. The his convoy was mistakenly targeted by an A-10 acting on incorrect intelligence. Miraculously he survived the attack, but three of his closest friends did not. The Army cover-up and subsequent mishandling of the evidence left a sour taste in his mouth, and the bitter reality of another tragic loss nearly suffocated his spirit.

That was when he received news that years of investigation into the deaths of his father and brother had turned up evidence that they were innocent of any wrong doing. It appeared that they had been working with a secret task force, and got too close to cracking one of the major gangs in the metropolis. So their deaths, while tragic, were in the line of duty and not the result of criminal enterprise.

Years of speculation has ruined his family, but now with the truth out there was a chance for restoration. He could be a force not only to bring hope back to his family, but also to his home. When it came time to reenlist, Drake instead chose to change direction once again, and went home to Gotham to Join the PD.

In his first week home he was reunited with his high school sweetheart, Jennifer O'Connell. Jennifer was a brilliant violinist who played in the local symphony and spent the off season traveling to rennfaires. Years of separation, and the emotions they had shared pushed them together, and less than six months after his return they were married.

Since graduation he has worked tirelessly to advance in the police department, earning citations for his work and making himself a visible symbol of hope for the people of his city. Between the stress of the job, Drake's weakness for women, and the poor pay that a traveling violinist and a beat cop bring in, his marriage was under constant strain. Drake tried to hold on to Jenny tight, because she was the last family he had aside from his mother. For almost nine years, the hometown hero balanced his job and his family, but constant separation and the needs of his job slowly drove Jenny away.

He spent his first 9 years on the K-9 squad, but last year he took and passed the exam for detective and joined the vice squad. Sometime during his transfer to vice, his marriage fell apart. Even though it takes two people to build a relationship, Drake takes most of the blame. He resisted the divorce at first, but Jenny's bitter and unexpected anger toward him made him reconsider.

No one knows for sure why he suddenly decided to move on. For a Short while, the Bat was secretly a symbol of hope for him, and gave him renewed drive whenever his efforts began to flag. Since the bat's disappearance, he's been driven to harder work in the fight against the dregs of Gotham. Sometimes, just sometimes, there are rumors that Drake might have gone too far on a bust, or taken the law into his own hands when a criminal walks free . . . but those are just rumors, right?


Drake has been recently inducted into the MCU, where he helped take down Rudy 'The Parasite' Jones. He is now assigned to the terrorist threats on the local radio station

Additional abilities

Marcus is a 3rd Dan practitioner of Shinkendo, and has studied/ studies both Kempo and Hun Gar Gung Fu.