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Peter Charvart



Peter is not a Gotham native. He was a corn fed boy out in Central City. His family was poor but close, and they tried to instill good in all three of their children. Being a rather large child, Pete was considered for the local football team, and got the attention of a scouter for Gotham U. Without any other way to pay for college, he had no choice but to leave his family and go to the big city.

Peter became enamored quickly with city life, he tried to maintain his studies but between football and switching majors consistently, he wasn't able to keep a decent GPA in spite of his intelligence. He ended up failing so much that he was kicked off the football team his senior year, amid other scandals of potential drug use as well

After finding a job as a security guard Pete found himself liking the profession. Especially after stopping a robbery at one of the stores he was protecting. After gathering enough money rhe returned to school to study criminal law, and entered into the Gotham police academy

Pete's relationship with his family became strained after flunking out, and especially after the rumors of drugs. He hasn't been on speaking terms since, though that's more his own doing than theirs. Pete is eager to try his new profession and help people, even if he finds the system itself flawed...

Recent After the Joker case and his first encounter with Poison Ivy, Pete was inducted into the MCU. After his perceived failure at the bank, he's pushing himself further. Currently he's investigating the Pamela Isley's disappearence and the possible connection to the recent 'floral attacks'

Additional abilities

Pete is one of the most adept cops at hand to hand combat in the department, in addition he's very tough and has a resistence to many drugs. He's trying to develop his investigative skills more to finally reach the level of detective