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C: Completed
IP: In Progress
R: Rumor

IP: The Lich


The Usurer


The lich has been located in the southwest area of the Dead Fields in The Desolation


The Usurer: He thinks upon the rest of Tarin's statement for a moment before he finally says, "There is perhaps one matter you can assist me with... Something I do not have time to take care of myself what with my duties here in the Camp."

He hesitates a moment before continuing, "There is an evil lich out there somewhere in the Desolation. I do not know his exact location but he is somewhere in the Dead Fields. If you do come across him and can bring me his phylactery I would reward you handsomely."

Before anyone can ask the question he answers it himself, "In gold, not bits."

From Father Death: There’s a lich out there somewhere in the Desolation, and the Usurer wants it dead. If anyone destroys the lich, the Usurer will surely reward him greatly.

From Lucky Bjorc: The Dead Fields get their name from the bones of the dead that are stacked like cordwood across the whole plain. Sometimes they get up and walk.

From Marcus' Divination spell:
Under stars in western fields
you will find the one long cold
as well as dwarves searching
for their companions of old.

From the Midnight Peddler:
Relentless seekers face restless sleepers.
Old betrayals walk with new life
and hide their shame 'neath dark of night.

C: The Missing Caravan


Sammar of the Bard's Gate Embassy in the Camp.


The caravan has been located in the Chaos Rift.


The caravan left the Camp under the protection of Gurg and his band of hill giants less than a week before Gurg suddenly returned and attacked the group upon their arrival at the Camp. Gurg's state of mind was fragile at best. Additionally he was injured and had acid burns covering his body. Sammar fears the caravan has met with trouble and is offering a reward if you can find it.


Associated rumors are located here.


The caravan has been located along the road on the northern end of the Desolation near the Chaos Rift. 8 ogres and 27 men were located, all dead. A gargoyle track was spotted in the dirt and the caravan master, an elf by the name of Holcolm Gardreue was unaccounted for and may possibly have been captured by the gargoyles.

The gargoyles were located in the Chaos Rift and Holcolm was discovered to be alive at that location. The gargoyles had been torturing him and had accumulated items from several ambushes they performed in conjunction with the Clantock.

Holcolm was successfully rescued and all but 3 gargoyles were slain. Clantock confronted the group outside of the Camp and was killed in the battle that followed. Holcolm was returned successfuly to Bard's Gate and the group was rewarded by the government of Bard's Gate.

C: Nighttime Disappearances

Location The Camp

Information Nobody in the Camp goes out after dark due to several disappearances of locals after dark. Some suspect the Death Church or Simon (who they believe is a vampire) but nobody seems to know for certain.

Progress The group was attacked by the corpse hanging in the town Common and upon dispatching this undead creature the nighttime disappearances have stopped.