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The Camp

Bender Brothers

  • The only place to stay in the Camp is the boarding house. It's run by the Bender Brothers, a coupla' gnomes. They serve meals also, though you can get those at the Sip O' Blood too.
  • Wenches to Arlen: "Bender Brothers is the only place in town to stay. Them gnomes are twins. Most folks can't tell 'em apart. Heck, I've never seen both at the same time...maybe there's only one of them just pretending to be two..."
  • Lowering his voice so nobody else in the tavern can hear he tells you, The Boarding House is the only place to stay in the camp but don't trust the Bender brothers. I don't have any proof but I suspect they rob their "guests".

Death Church

  • Regarding the death church he continues on, Their church is right across the Common. Run by a some damn hobgoblin they call 'Father Death'. Paints his face and they do some weird things at night. That's why nobody in the Camp goes out after dark. You do and you'll end up in one of those death church rituals, mark my words!

Giant Wolf

  • From Simon the Hermit: I’ve seen giant wolf tracks at the outskirts of the Camp. One night there were screams. The next morning I found a shack at the edge of town smashed and splattered with blood. The wolf tracks were there.

Lucky / Sip O' Blood

  • They say the Sip O' Blood was built and run by a vampire. The story goes that Lucky somehow drove away the vampire and took over the bar and now the vampire has come back to take what was rightfully his.
  • Be careful around Simon. He's a vampire I tell ya'. He's come to kill Lucky Bjorc for stealing his bar.


  • Don’t trust the mercenaries and guides you can hire in the Camp. I think all of them harbor secrets and agendas that come before those they have been hired to protect. Ironically, I think the giants were the most trustworthy of the lot, though I fear we have probably seen the last of them.


  • From Finn to Tarin: "Don't cheat at cards in the Camp."


  • Campie to Marcus and Cat: "Want to konw why the rangers' garden grows so good? The answer is blood. I'm not kiddin', and I don't touch those tomaters they sell at the Emporium."

The Usurer

  • The guy in charge of the Camp is the Usurer. I'm not sure what that words means, but it sounds official. He's also the local moneychanger and blacksmith. Some people say he doesn't sleep but just sits around all night thinking up new ways to make money.

The Desolation

  • From Father Death: "The Desolation is beautiful. It provides death in more ways than you can imagine: sudden death, slow lingering death, death by sword and tooth, death by poison, the wracking death of disease, or the extended painful death from thirst. Think about it...what ways must exist to meet death out there that haven't even been discovered yet?"
  • From Skeribar: Or mission is to revitalize the Desolation and reclaim it for Silvanus. We have established safe havens in the Ashen Waste and if you see a grove of healthy trees growing in the wastelands, it is a sign that our sanctuary is near and can provide respite.
  • From Simon: "I don't know if it's true or not, but they say an army lies asleep beneath the Desolation ready to awake and complete the destruction of Tsar."

The Crossroads

  • From a Campie: "Don't camp at the crossroads out in the Desolation. There's still a lot of restless spirits who haunt that road leading to the Black Gates, and they don't take kindly to visitors!"

The Dead Fields

  • From Lucky Bjorc: "The Dead Fields get their name from the bones of the dead that are stacked like cordwood across the whole plain. Sometimes they get up and walk."

The Lich

  • "There is an evil lich out there somewhere in the Desolation. I do not know his exact location but he is somewhere in the Dead Fields. If you do come across him and can bring me his phylactery I would reward you handsomely. In gold, not bits."
  • From Father Death: There’s a lich out there somewhere in the Desolation, and the Usurer wants it dead. If anyone destroys the lich, the Usurer will surely reward him greatly.

The Missing Caravan

Quest details can be found here.

  • Clantock's eyes narrow immediately at the mention of Gurg. "Gurg? I don't know nothing about Gurg or the Pounders."

Sense Motive: You sense that Clantock is lying about not knowing anything about Gurg.

  • "I’m not surprised Gurg is dead. I think Clantock was trying to do him in. Gurg and his bunch were running Clantock and his mercenaries out of business. I saw Clantock myself consorting with some winged devil outside of town one day. When they were done talking that devil took off and flew out into the Desolation. Clantock didn’t see me and it’s none of my business. I just think it’s strange, that’s all."
  • The caravan master of the missing caravan is Holcolm Gardreue, an elf of average height, brown hair, brown eyes, light complexion. His body was not found among the corpses at the ambush site and might have been captured by the gargoyles.


  • From Father Death: "There must be many undiscovered deaths in Tsar but I do not know first hand. I know this though, certain death lies before the walls of the ruined city. You must first face the smaller deaths available throughout the Desolation to prepare yourself for the confrontation with death incarnate. Otherwise you will surely be slain most horribly. Isn't it wonderful?"
  • From the peddler upon purchasing a dead cod for 50 gp:

Not only old dead guard Black Gates but something greater as well.
From blackest pits of pitch and bile a new guardian arose both foul and vile.
Beware his breath of clinging death.

  • From Simon: "I don't know if it's true or not, but they say an army lies asleep beneath the Desolation ready to awake and complete the destruction of Tsar."