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Two sunken roads meet here in a depression in the center of the desolate plain. West lie the Black Gates of Tsar, east unknown hills rumored to occupied by goblinoids, orcs, and worse. South leads back to the Camp and Bard’s Gate, and to the north are the fabled lands of spice and riches which have drawn so many to brave these deadly lands in search of their fortune. Surely any who make it this far find their enthusiasm curbed by the sobering scene. Great scaffolds of heavy wooden beams rise at each corner of this intersection. Suspended from their many yardarms are heavy iron cages like malignant fruit on an infernal tree. These cages hold the picked clean bones and dangling tatters of the unfortunates who have been imprisoned in them and left for the crows. Several of the bones have fallen to the ground beneath the cages and a couple of the cages have fallen to the ground themselves, their heavy chains rusted through and no longer able to support their great weight.


The Crossroads is 12.5 miles from the Camp.

Location The Camp The Crossroads Tsar Bards Gate
The Camp -- 12.5 miles 15 miles 200 miles
The Crossroads 12.5 miles -- 9.5 miles 212.5 miles
Tsar 15 miles 9.5 miles -- 215 miles
Bards Gate 200 miles 212.5 miles 215 miles --


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