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Character Creation

Please use the following information while updating / creating your character. If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the OOC thread or via e-mail to me if it includes character information the other players shouldn't be aware of. Starting on page 14 of the PFC is a section titled "Generating a Character" (or here on the PFSRD) which will also be helpful.

Starting Location

The Slumbering Tsar adventure will begin with the characters just arriving in the small encampment known simply as "The Camp" on the eastern edge of map.

If you are joining the game mid-adventure please check with me for your starting location.


Please modify your height, weight, and age to fit the Forgotten Realms setting (PGF pg 32).


Any class from allowed source material except for Gunslinger.

Animal Companion / Familiar

If your class has an animal companion or familiar please be sure to create a separate character sheet for it. This makes using group sheet rolls easier for me.


Any non-evil (you are supposed to be heroes after all).


You may only use a deity from the FRCS (Pg 232) or from this wiki.

If you are using a class that grants domains please use the domains from the PFC (pg 41-48) because the domains in PF are more powerful than in 3.5. If you really want to use a Forgotten Realms domain please check with me first and we can work on a conversion to PF.


Pleaes use the Languages from the Forgotten Realms setting (FRCS pg 30-32; 84-85).

Character Level

We will be starting Slumbering Tsar with 23,000 xp (plus any previously attained RP bonuses) and will be using the Fast XP progression (PFC pg 399 or here). This will mean a starting level of 7. The Pathfinder fast progression is equivelant to the standard 3.5 XP progression.

If you are re-rolling a new character or just joining the game please talk to me to find out your starting XP.

Ability Scores

We are using the Pathfinder point buy system as explained on the PFSRD on the Ability Score Costs table. Each character gets 20 points (High Fantasy). A point buy calculator can be found here. The calculator includes a Pathfinder and a 3.5 calculator so be sure to use the Pathfinder one.

Racial modifiers are applied after the scores are generated.

Favored Class

You can choose to take an extra skill point or an extra hit point when you choose to take another level of your favored class. For more on favored classes see the Favored Class section in the PFC (pg 31) or here on the PFSRD.


Follow the rules from the PFC (chapter 4) or here on the PFSRD.


Make sure you read about Regional Feats on page 8 of the FPG. This describes regional feats that may be taken at level 1 only.

Most of the allowed books for use in this campaign have a section for feats or you can also use the PFSRD.


Each character may choose 2 traits.

When choosing your traits make sure that they fit with your character's existing personality. Some of the regional and campaign traits listed were designed for other settings and campaigns. As long as the trait's description can be reasonably attributed to your region of origin or the existing campaign I'm okay using it. If I feel a trait does not fit with your existing character's personality or the game setting I will deny its use.

Most of the books have a section for traits or you can use the PFSRD.

Hero Points

The official rules on Hero Points can be found on the PFSRD.

At character creation you are awarded a single Hero Point. An additional Hero Point will be awarded at each level. Instead of bonus XP rewards I will instead award hero points for major accomplishments, heroic deeds, or extraordinary role play but in general you shouldn't count on getting more than 1 hero point per level so use it wisely.

I will not allow the use of the Antihero alternative rule nor will I be allowing the use of the items, spells, and feats associated with hero points.

Hit Die System

Everyone can choose from one of the following two methods:

Option 1: You can roll for your HP old school style. You take max hit points for level 1 but then roll your class hit die for levels 2-current level. If you choose this option you MUST make your rolls in the OOC forum. No re-rolls will be allowed. If you choose this option and roll poorly you cannot switch.

Option 2: You may use the "Gaining Fixed Hit Points" system as detailed on page 198 of the 3.5 DMG. Please do not use the table on page 198 but instead use the table below as some classes have increased hit die (such as the rogue and wizard). Constitution bonuses still apply and everyone gets max hit points at level 1.



Bard Cleric

Druid Monk Rogue


Paladin Ranger

Hit Die d6 d8 d10 d12
HP at Even Levels 3 4 5 6
HP at Odd Levels 4 5 6 7

Note: Whichever option you choose, you must continue to use that option. I will not allow anyone to switch later.

Starting Gold

Starting gold for Slumbering Tsar will be 23,500 gp. If you are joining the game mid-adventure please talk to me for your starting gold.

I recommend spending as much of your starting gold as possible. The starting funds are meant to better equip your character to be prepared for whatever dangers that will be faced during the adventure.

Currency weight will be enforced! Coins weigh 1 lb per 50 coins.

If you want to convert any of your coins into lighter weight gems you can do so at a 5% commission loss. This can only be done BEFORE the start of the game or before your character joins the game.

Once the game starts or you have entered the game a gem cutter will need to be found in game to convert any currency to gems. A gem cutter would likely not be available in small towns. Also keep in mind that the local innkeeper of SmallTownXYZ likely can't "make change" for your 1,000 GP gem to settle your 1 silver piece bar tab.

Each gem will weigh 1/10 lb. Gems can be cut for any value (the quality and type of gem would change based on the desired value, but weight would still be 1/10 lb)


A player may select a partially used magic item for part of his character's starting gear. Such an item's value is proportional to the charges left compared to the charges in a newly created item (half price for a wand with 25 charges, 20% of full price for a wand with 10 charges, and so on).

When purchasing equipment you may not spend more than 1/2 of your starting gold on any one item. This is to help keep equipment more realistic to the character's current level.

Something to keep in mind while purchasing equipment is role playing. If your character doesn't enjoy sleeping on the cold, hard ground it's likely he would own a bedroll or blanket.

Note: The 50% rule will NOT be enforced for the start of the Slumbering Tsar adventure. Once the adventure has started the rule will be enforced for any character re-rolls or player character additions.

Background Story

I will leave it up to the individual players if they wish for their characters to be acquainted with each other (this should be coordinated amongst yourselves if you wish to do this). It's also fine if some or all are strangers.

If you are rolling your character from scratch please don't forget to write a background story. This will provide some RP hooks for me to include later in the game and will help flesh out your character.

Keep in mind at level 5 (and for new players who join later this is even more relevant) that your character has likely already been involved in an adventure or campaign and didn't come to be his current level by tending the cows on his father's farm.

Your background story should reflect why or how you ended up in Melvaunt (or wherever your current starting location is). The first adventure will involve assisting the patriarch of a noble family locate his missing son. Perhaps the patriarch of this family is friends with the head of your order or guild and you have been ordered to help, or perhaps you just need the money and heard of this nobleman in need. If you need assistance in determining why you are where you are please let me know.

Guilds, Brotherhoods, Organizations

See chapter 7 of the FRCS for information on organizations.

Character Sheets

Myth-Weavers now has an official Pathfinder character sheet for use in the game. Please use that sheet for your character.