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The following alternate races are available for use in the campaign.

Golden Halfling

Golden halflings, known as amberhairs (or “azravan” in the Halfling tongue), claim to be the original halflings from whom the others are derived. Oral tradition tells of the birth of the first halflings, Azimen and Astemia, in a dry wasteland. They watered it with their sweat and nurtured life from the harsh land, turning it into a paradise. Halfling sages disagree about this fabled land’s location, eventual fate and virtually every important detail concerning it.

Relations: Amberhairs prefer the company of long-lived races such as elves. They respect dwarves, hobgoblins and gnomes, but they dislike half-orcs. However, they are most at ease with other halflings.

Alignment: Most amberhairs are lawful and good. Those not lawful are still likely to be good. Their cultural discipline, harsh punishment for crime and love of life influence, if not actually dictate, their alignment. Those given to chaos are among the more creative golden halflings, given to questioning society.

Adventurers: Unlike many adventurers who seek to learn, amberhairs might adventure to teach. They enjoy telling others about their belief that halflings were the original intelligent race of Faerûn, much older than elves or dwarves. Their stories focus on the halfling heritage of their current location, such as how the halflings once farmed here or fought a battle there.

Racial Traits

Golden Halflings are the same as standard halflings with the following exceptions:

  • +2 Int
  • +2 Wis
  • -2 Str
  • Social Senses (+2 racial bonus on Bluff and Sense Motive) instead of Sure Footed (Acrobatics and Climb)
  • Low-Light Vision (Golden Halflings can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light) instead of Keen Senses (+2 racial bonus to Perception)

Random Height and Weight

Race Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Golden Halfling, male 2' 10" +2d4 35 lbs. x 1 lb.
Golden Halfling, female 2' 8" +2d4 30 lbs. x 1 lb.