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Posting Frequency

I'm expecting an average of FIVE posts a week from each person. I would prefer daily posts but I realize that is not possible. I also understand everybody has busy times in their life and maybe can't post because something came up at work or at home. What I want to avoid is people not posting for three or four straight days. This causes the other characters to wait on that player and slows the game down.

Even if your character doesn't necessarily have anything to do, at least make a short RP post about your character dozing off, belching, farting, ANYTHING. Just let us know you are alive so everybody knows they need not wait on you.

If you are going on vacation or will be unavailable for more than 2 days please just let me know and we can pause the game or if you feel comfortable doing so I can NPC your character while you are gone. For longer absences that will require RP interactions in game I will just pause the game.

I will do my best to keep the game moving forward but that requires equal effort from the players.

During combat we will use a 24 hour turn timer. If it has been your turn for 24 hours or more I will NPC your character for that turn to keep the game moving. If you missed your last turn and have not posted or notified me of your absence I will continue to NPC you without waiting 24 hours. I will reset the 24 hour timer for any OOC posts discussing strategy.

Specifically what I'm trying to prevent is the slow deterioration of posting frequency which happens naturally over time. If one person is holding up the game that can reduce the interest of the other players which stifles role play and slows down combat.

To me, what this issue really comes down to, is who wants to participate in the game at this level of time committment. I don't feel the expectations that have been set are unfair as they are not overly time intensive. I'm asking for approximately 10 minutes a day and I'm not asking for anything that I myself am not willing to meet also.

For those who don't feel they have the time or interest in meeting these expectations then we may need to evaluate that person's continued participation in the game. This is not meant to single anyone out but I want to make sure that everyone is being treated the same and that we have a minimum level of participation to keep interest high.


The PRSRD tag now works on the Myth-Weavers site. Allowed categories are:

  • feat
  • monster
  • item
  • trait
  • spell

The format for making a spoiler is as follows:


Casting Spells and Using Abilities


When casting spells please use the PFSRD tag to include a spell spoiler for the spell you are casting.

Tarin casts a fireball.


This would result in a spoiler of the spell rules just below the text.

Special Abilities

When using special abilities please include a private tag to me with the exact name of the ability you are using and a link to the d20pfsrd site. Here is the forum code to accomplish this:

Cat uses his [URL=""]wild shape[/URL] ability.

This results in text that appears like this:

Cat uses his wild shape ability.


If your spell or special ability includes a save for the enemies please include the DC and what type of save it is. If this information is not included I will automatically assume that the enemies save without rolling.

Combat Rules


I will be rolling initiative for all combat participants, including the player characters. I will then post a battle order and we will proceed from there. I think this will remove the need for posts such as, "Character X prepares for battle!" and we can jump directly into combat.

If the combat encounter is a group of 4 skeletons I will use only one initiative roll for the group of skeletons so I don't have to make 4 seperate posts. For more important battles I may allow some separation of NPC initiatives to add a little more flavor to the battle. For normal battles I will average out the init of all enemy combatants so I can take all their turns at the same time.

Queued Actions

Whenever possible try to queue a combat action for your character! Please try to include a secondary action in case your primary action is no longer possible (perhaps the Paladin killed the first skeleton with one swing of his mighty sword). If I feel that conditions have changed enough that both your primary and secondary actions are no longer valid I will ask you to update your action. If you want to wait to see what another character who is ahead of you in initiative does that is fine but whenever possible please try to queue actions as this keeps combat moving much faster.