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  System Summary
25 or more turns Homebrew Turn biased games that last past turn 25 should group together, it is possible.
9 Realms Misc a place of adventure
A Fractured Mind FATE A Fate Core RPG in a future setting
A Merc's Life: Legacy of Fire Pathfinder A Romp in the Sand & Rock of Lovely Katapesh (and Beyond)!
A Most Desperate Hour Star Wars SAGA It's the height of the New Sith Wars and the galaxy has been plunged into darkness...
A New Class Of Hero Misc A fourth generation of teen superheroes rises to protect the metropolis of Celestial City
A Ring of Keys DnD4e The World of Greyhawk, 576CY
A Saga of Sword and Flame Pathfinder A story of Betrayal, loyalty, way and salvation
A guide to the world of Aecho DnD3.5 It's not the stats that matter - it's how you use them
Adventures in Golarion Pathfinder New adventurers flock to the bustling seaside city of Parthacia, looking for other like minded souls.
Aerie DnD3.5 An ancient evil threatens the tenuous alliance between humanoid and dragon
Afon o Aur Burning Empires The Comoran core world Afon o Aur suffers a 3-way religious struggle and drastic economic downturn. Will the Vaylen successfully take advantage of this crisis?
Aftermath D20Modern Far in the future humanity clings to life on a decimated Earth. Welcome to the aftermath.
Against the Giants DnD4e Giants are raiding Troll's End and it's surrounds -- heroes needed
Agents of SHIELD nWoD Protecting the ordinary from the extraordinary.
Airship Pirates DnD3.5 A modified version of Eberron, about 100 years after the Last War. Technology has come along a bit.
Alavont GURPS A bronze age fantasy world of wizardly intrigue
Amaril DnD3.5 A place where dragons are demons and true magic barely exists. Psionics, though? Full force.
Ancient Empires and New Frontiers DnD5e Three empires vie for control of the new world...
Ancra Caligo The Sci-Fi Approach to Fantasy; Infinite canyons, cliff cities, airships, firearms, and holographic world-editing 'magic'.
Angel City FATE A metropolis fit for superheroes
Animorphs FATE A homebrew Animorph hack for Fate Core
Arameah DnD3.5 A world of interconnected politics and trade, all on the edge of breaking down.
Archether Pathfinder The Archæther is a world of ocean and endless islands.
Ardail by Greenvoid Misc A low-magic fantasy setting without elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs and halflings.
Arets Pathfinder A vast world besieged by political and armed conflict
Arreath DnD3.5 The island nation where legends of a people who were ripped from time exists
Ashfar - Drow Wars DnD3.5 An epic struggle against the lawful evil drow in the setting of Ashfar, taking PCs from 1st-30th level.
Ashmough DnD3.5 Three continents that shift power around
Avengers Academy MnM Avengers Academy, set in a world based on the Marvel-616 universe without the major destructive plotlines and an era of relative calm.
Azebron Misc Homebrew fantasy setting for Swords & Wizardry
Baenthresir DnD3.5 A classic dungeon crawl drawing on Norse mythology.
Ballandia DnD3.5 Medium fantasy world in the middle of it's second era of man. Middle Ages era technology in most areas.
Baruk Freeform Magic and technology were wiped from existence, leaving behind an empty, broken world.
Basic Adventures Misc Classic Dungeons and Dragons world using The Continental Map M-1
Battlefield Earth 2025 Misc After Second Impact, the world is ravaged by a three-way war.
Belis DnD3.5 An oddly shaped world recently in peace time, with elves and dwarves as the dominant races.
Beyond the Green Lands DnD3.5 The lands containing and surrounding the Reclamation of Emrinoc campaign.
Beyond the Vault of Souls Pathfinder Prospero's "Beyond the Vault of Souls" campaign
Big World DnD5e where a party of halflings travel beyond the pale to rescue kinsfolk.
Black Rose War Pathfinder The Ancar family stands as a shining example of nobility in Tradoria. A conspiracy begins to reveal itself and war threatens on the horizon.
Black Seas D20Modern A modern, viral zombie apocalypse set at sea.
Blighted Earth DnD3.5 300 yrs after extra-dimensional rift brought monsters and magic to Earth
Burning Logres Misc Burning Wheel meets Pendragon
Capital Darkness nWoD Urban fantasy set in a Dark alternate-world Canberra
Castlevania Homebrew Set in a Castlevania setting, players choose from several unique classes to battle with the forces of hell.
Charcon DnD3.5 A fantastical continent where the monsters rule outside of the walls of the twelve cities.
Chee's Files Dresden Files The global setting of my games, set within the Dresden Files universe
City of Eleriad Pathfinder A city where class is not just measured in levels.
City of Thorns nWoD It's not all roses in the Portland Freehold.
Clarion Call DnD5e A PbP campaign focused on OSR style wilderness exploration and mid-level domain play.
Come Hell or High Water DnD5e The Trails and Tribulations of some Adventurers
Condemned: Exile at Coldstone Homebrew Sentenced to hard labor on the world's largest and most isolated penal colony, condemned prisoners must survive in exile amidst great hardship.
Cora DnD3.5 A world created from the dead god it is named for.
Corporea DnD5e The Dead God's Head
Corporea - the Dead God's Head DnD5e A cooperatively created fantasy world.
Coruscid MnM A low-tech, high magic fantasy world where all the land is a vast metropolis, from sea to shining sea. For now.
Creation: More Than Myths Exalted Legendary tales and adventures that take place during the 2nd age.
Crossroads Inn DnD3.5 A fantastical, mystical, magical place with doors that lead to short adventures of all types.
Crux Europa Homebrew Alternate-History WW2 Hex-Grid Tactical Combat
Dalthion DnD3.5 A world locked in magical ice
Dark Times Misc The resistance to the New Order of Palpatine and the founding of Kota's Militia
Dark World DnD3.5 Withstand the Dark, for a Future of Light
Darven GURPS A slightly dark fantasy world.
Daven Undead, FR 8171 DnD5e An extension of the World of Farland setting
Dead Games of Paro DnD3.5 Place to put unwanted wiki pages to die
Death of an Empire Misc The Human Empire that controlled the stars, has fallen, how will you survive?
Deathmatch DnD4e Player vs. Player
Deleted DnD5e
Derf's Tiamat DnD5e Un sombre culte cherche à faire revenir Tiamat
DerfTiamat DnD5e Tiamat reviendra, la prophétie l'a prédit
Desolation DnD4e A world recovering from war in the dawn of it's Magical Revolution.
Despotmaker Pathfinder Prospero's "Evil Kingmaker" Campaign
Diaspora DnD4e Mythic Earth in the Age of Discovery
Disstar DnD5e "Points of light" style D&D by way of "Thundarr the Barbarian" pastiche.
DocGerbilsWorld DnD3.5 It's Doc Gerbil's World...
Dragon Nights Misc Assorted Adventures in Assorted Worlds
Dragonia Freeform An archipelago-based world of high magic and adventure.
Dragons Dream DnD5e Dragons forge worlds by the whimsy of gods. One dragon dared to dream a world all its own. Will it ascend to the source, or fall into the void?
Drelin DnD3.5 The land and it's people are broken...
Duchy of Karameikos PF Pathfinder This is going to be a Pathfinder game, but instead of setting it in Golarion, it will be set in the older world of Mystara.
Duel City FATE A FATE Core designed tournament game
Dutopa: the Mech Nexus MnM The rich buy planets. The poor starve. If you're in-between, you're probably piloting a Mech.
EVE: Return FATE The EVE Online universe, on Myth-weavers!
Eador DnD3.5 A world drawing heavily on standard fantasy and my own daydreams(read: delusions of grandeur).
Earth D20Modern 2012, Modern day Earth
Earth and Beyond Freeform Future-Earth setting on the cusp of faster-than-light travel
East Marches DnD5e A subcontinent that needs taming...
Eberron Adventures Pathfinder Pulp-adventure stories in Eberron
Eden Project Misc A parched, post-apocalyptic Earth.
Eden Project/Eden Project Misc A parched, post-apocalyptic Earth.
Edrius DnD5e Historically influenced, low-ish magic world.
Eldarathon Pathfinder Now, at the end of all things, only a handful of final redoubts still stand against the press of the Withering...
Elder Tale: Revive Misc A fictional massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is the setting of the Log Horizon series.
Elim Homebrew Medium fantasy world inspired by ancient Mesopotamia.
Enter the Grey Misc After World War III, the remnants of humanity have spread out among the solar system. All is at peace... so far.
Eolia Misc A Dawn of Worlds created setting.
Erilion DnD4e A world ruled by powerful families, about to be shaken by war.
Ermarian Pathfinder The World of Avernum, created by Spiderweb Software, a wiki for the game Exile: Escape from the Pit Pathfinder Campaign
Erôthknurl Misc System Agnostic world of Medieval Fantasy adventures.
Escape from Earth Homebrew The wiki for Escape from Earth
Evoros DnD5e Wiki for Shadow Rising Campaign
Face of the Autarch FATE A Wrath of the Autarch game.
Faedunia Pathfinder The world of Faedunia, literally "World of the Fae," is one full of conflict and strife. It is here that the Saga of the Lionhearts takes place.
Fairlyle DnD5e A realm of magic and wonder
Fairview Misc Chronicling the misadventures of the teenagers of Fairview, USA.
Fallout GURPS GURPS Set in the aftermath of a world-wide nuclear war, Fallout will challenge you to survive in an unknown and dangerous world.
Fires of Ebn-Gar DnD3.5 A very normal low tech fantasy game in which we're making up the world as we go. Whee!
First Contact Homebrew X-Com Based Alien Invasion Roleplay
Flower Houses DnD4e The Flower Houses rule Floran. Which Flower House will you support?
Foremene DnD4e A world flooded by Melora for the sins of mankind, Foremene is a world full of piracy, mysterious dark depths, and lost legends.
Founder Legacy Pathfinder A world that is a sandbox of ideas
Founder's Legacy Pathfinder The World of Founder's Legacy is a sandbox of ideas.
From The Dirt DnD5e A Tale of Souls and Artifacts, Eternally Retold
Games of Fate Freeform Just one more way for government to keep their thumb over us.
Gaslight Investigations FATE 1880's London with Lovecraftian overtones
Gelm Pathfinder Complex geopolitics and high diversity create intrigue and adventure in the homebrew world of Gelm.
Geta GURPS A society has split into two planets orbiting the star Geta
Ghostbusters nWoD NWoD Ghostbuster Project
Glammer DnD3.5 City, Nation, Empire
Gnashing Gnolls Pathfinder A game based on the goblins web comic... But with gnolls!
Goblins: The Exodus Misc A Generic Fantasy Setting replicating a 4X Game Style for PbP
Godsland of Krem DnD3.5 A new world discovered with ancient ruins of a long lost civilisation with powerful arcane artifacts
Golarion C-137 Pathfinder Wait, there's a balcony?
Gotham Blue nWoD Protect and Serve on the streets of Gotham City
Green Lantern: New Guardians - Prism Dawn FATE Larfleeze is dead. Sayd, former Guardian of the Universe, portents a traitor to the Corps and an unstoppable ring forged from the ephemeral "Prism Dawn".
Greyhawk Crusades Castles & Crusades World of Greyhawk, Common Year 571. A pall of evil slowly darkens the land...
Guide to 'adventures of a free company' world Galeia Pathfinder Is based around the adventures of a mercenary company, Company Melee, in a homebrew world using the Pathfinder system.
Havernathi DnD3.5 vast and engaging, all races all classes, all standard planes of existence.
Hercverse MnM Builds, what-ifs and hopefully coolness. Inspired by Roll Call.
Hobbes FR Campaign Pathfinder A Forgotten Realms campaign for a group of friends.
Hollingford DnD3.5 Short catchy summary of your World
Hope and Dread nWoD A work-in-progress Geist Chronicle
Hotel Whiskey FATE Goes with the Hotel Whiskey game
Hunters in the Remnant Pathfinder Dystopian VRMMORPG world. Alterations made to Pathfinder system to reflect the theme.
Hyses Pathfinder A World of Islands and Adventure
IYOA: UE DnD3.5 Invent Your Own Adventure: Ultimate Edition
Ilphinar DnD3.5 A harbour metropolis for use in "The Playpen" (
Index/The Chee Files FATE The shared universe of Chee
Infinity's Rangers GURPS Mercenaries fighting battles across space and time for the enigmatic Recruiters
Infractus DnD4e A world in the middle of a dark age, and where the Farrealm and Abyss are it's greatest threats.
Innistrad Pathfinder A world of Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts and Demons with Humanity entrenched on all sides.
Inquisitives Pathfinder Party are new hires by Rike Katranda Inquisitives in Sharn
Iron Kingdoms (D&D 4E) DnD4e Steam-fantasy in Privateer Press's world of Immoren. A D&D 4E adaptation of Warmachine and Hordes.
Iron Kingdoms- A Thousand Nights DnD3.5 Iron Kingdoms, mystery mood in a gothic-horror setting, grim dark, Victorian era feel
Iron and Blood Homebrew A homebrew campaign setting inspired by 10th century Europe and Scandinavia.
Isa DnD3.5 A low magic world with high possibilities
Isles of the Small Folk DnD3.5 Beyond the isles there is nothing but open sea. Everyone believes this but then the giants come.
JMHB Pathfinder Story driven, homebrew
Jennifer Moon Freeform A Universe Bar in the Novaverse.
Jord DnD3.5 A high fantasy world with elements of Norse, West Europe, Native American, and Steampunk settings.
Kaeroth Pathfinder A cursed world destined to conflict
Kallawlands DnD3.5 A world without gods, where the Inner Planes fill the roles of the Outer Planes.
Kamigawa DnD3.5 Land of a Thousand Legends. From the Magic the Gathering multiverse.
Katharlis DnD5e A beacon of hope is caught between two warring nations.
Keldun Misc A world divided, with one side being conquered by a ravenous warlord and the other blissfully unaware.
Kethira Homebrew Homebrew that combines Harnworld and Conan
Kildaire, Land of Five Ashes DnD3.5
Kingdom of Silverstone DnD3.5 A high heroics campaign setting.
Kingdoms of Kalamar DnD4e A living, breathing, plausible world peppered with magic rather than saturated with it.
Kneelland Pathfinder The Sceptor of Purity
Koschei DnD3.5 A high fantasy setting filled with political intrigue and plenty of plot points for campaigns.
Ksaren Rising Pathfinder Psionic, no-magic "Third Dawn" setting from Dreamscarred Press
LA Requiem nWoD The Danse Macabre in the City of Angels
La Vie en Rose nWoD Vampire:the Requiem in a vision of Paris that's falling apart
Land of the Four DnD3.5 A world ruled by elements and overseen by Dragonlords- old warriors of a past lineage
Land of the Three DnD4e In an old land, three countries exist in general harmony with each other, and in constant discord with everyone else.
Last Generation FATE A scrappy generation-ship clan makes planetfall on a new world, Dorado, after two centuries in the void.
Last Sky Misc The last vestiges of humanity cling to the remains of the Earth floating in an endless sky.
Le Palier de Novek nWoD Late 15th century France. With werewolves! And Vampires!
Legends of Vindorium DnD5e Vindorium is a city in decline, greatly in need of heroes.
Levrium DnD3.5 This recently settled peninsula is still uneasy after the formation of its new government.
Lindorm DnD5e A world ruled and controlled by dragons.
Loquitur DnD3.5 Our world speaks for itself
Lost Lands Pathfinder
MC WotR DnD3.5 For all your Mc_DemonSlaying needs.
MW Official PFS Pathfinder Pathfinder Society: The Official Myth Weavers Chapter
MacGyver: The Phoenix Continuation Freeform Modern day world of espionage, danger and ingenious uses of chewing gum
Maretius DnD3.5 A gritty fantasy world where civilization is the exception rather than the rule. Designed using the E8 variant of DnD 3.5, with a few other tweaks.
Marraine DnD5e The Heroes of Marraine Wiki
Marvel Earth Misc What If...The Fantastic Four Did Not Survive The Secret Wars?
Mask of the Mummy Pathfinder The desert lands of Osirion used in the Mummy's Mask Campaign
Masters of the Eldergate: The Untamed Lands DnD3.5 A Wilderness to be settled; a land of nameless places...until now.
Maze Beset MnM Heroes-style supers action takes place on almost-but-not-quite Earth
Megalodonia DnD4e A patchwork city in the belly of Dakuwanga, The Great Shark.
Megaville Multiverse Misc The worlds that make up, the Multiverse all centered around the city of Megaville
Middangeard DnD3.5 A maturing world of young kingdoms born from the ashes of a "world ending" event
Middleverse DnD3.5 A world stuck between two other worlds, the three of which vie constantly for dominance
Midgard Pathfinder A homebrew Pathfinder Campaign Setting created by a group of friends.
Milfordshire An English country, somwhere to the North-West of London
Mirai MnM The Near Future City where Science and Magic meet.
Mirrodin DnD3.5 A World of Metal, Machines, and Magic. From the Magic the Gathering multiverse.
Misfit Realms DnD3.5 Additional resources for Misfit's campaigns in the Forgotten Realms
Moyras Mavens Pathfinder Solving Golarion's Problems (for a Nominal Fee)
Mu Omicron III Pathfinder Sword and sorcery world, basis of the Jendarian Succession campaign.
Mystic Homelands DnD3.5 A world of magic, of lost legacy, and 10,000 years of history and heroes: Pick your age. Pick your story.
Myths and Legends DnD3.5 Forgotten Realms: Myths & Legends
NWoD Baltimore nWoD The Darker Side of Charm City
Necro-Imperium GURPS This is a fantasy setting for GURPS (fourth edition) with a more positive take on necromancy, undeath, and the role of both in an ancient empire.
Netland GURPS A simuated universe containing all your favorite continuities.
NeverWhere DnD3.5 Homebrew world, with might, magic, and all kinds of things
New Phyrexia DnD3.5 A World Compleated. From the Magic the Gathering multiverse.
Nifflas All In the Day's Work DnD4e Tropes and stereotypes turn a typical storybook world on its ear. Nifflas: Where the Librarians mean business!
Nifflas All In the Days Work DnD4e Tropes and stereotypes turn a typical storybook world on its ear. Nifflas: Where the Librarians mean business!
Nightfall FATE Aliens Have Subjugated Earth
Nisip DnD3.5 Nisip is in a state of flux, it is an Sandbox world, where the users and DMs shape it as needed.
No Man's Land Misc Post Apocalyptic World of Ice and Fire
No Quarter FATE Homebrew High Fantasy in Space
Odallai DnD3.5 The World of Odallai is a terrifying, yet beautiful one. Since its creation, Odallai has had the hands of gods shape it. To this day, the gods still
Orlis DnD3.5 Orlis a world divided by barriers of divine magic on the verge of colapse.
Ostenvighx DnD3.5 Short catchy summary of your World
OtherWorld Academy FATE A magic academy for mortals, gods, monsters, and mad scientists.
Outpost D20Modern Vostok, Antarctica. The coldest, most inhospitable place on Earth.
Overmorrow Pathfinder A new world in the age of exploration
PTACrusades Homebrew Home of the League Ritual
Pall Over Ustalav Pathfinder The Immortal Principality of Ustalav with some Raveloft additions
Paris by Night nWoD Kindred nights in the City of Lights (oWoD 20th)
Parzoa Misc Anthropomorphic Steampunk Western
Pathfinder Sandbox Pathfinder This is a game where players explore where they want or retire.
Pentingham Misc Dark Ages England + Magic. What could possibly go wrong?
Peruhain's Greyhawk DnD3.5 The Greyhawk campaign world (Oerth) as modified and developed for Peruhain's MW campaigns in that setting
Peruhains Blackmoor DnD3.5 The Greyhawk Setting as adapted and developed for Peruhain's Blackmoor campaign
Peruhains Greyhawk DnD3.5 The Greyhawk setting as adapted and developed for Peruhain's MW campaigns in Oerth
Pigsmoke: Curse You, Academia! Misc And you thought getting teaching was bad without magic!
Pirates Ahoy Pathfinder A Wiki to go along with the "Pirates Ahoy" Skull & Shackles Game
Pomaika'i Dresden Files Hawai'i, the ultimate god infested island paradise
Pond Pathfinder The world of Pond is huge, first and foremost. Featuring over one-hundred countries, Pond is an extremely detailed worldbuilding project.
Portland at Night nWoD Vampires walk among us, coveting for our blood.
Power For The Taking Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous AP -- As the Demon Hordes invade, a small band is thrust into the spotlight and must turn the tide of war.
Power Rangers: Golarion Pathfinder The witch Bandora has unleashed a monster to conquer Golarion! Find a team of adventurers with attitude!
Prime DnD5e A savage and immense world of dark sorcery, wandering titans, and gritty adventure.
Project Icarus FATE Resource for Project: Icarus game (work in progress)
Prophecy and Pain DnD4e Eberron. The end of the Last War and the beginning of something else.
Prospero - Reign of Winter Pathfinder A Wiki to go along with Prospero's "Reign of Winter" game here on M-W
Prospero Shattered Star Pathfinder The Shattered Star Adventure Path, run by Prospero
Psi Kids GURPS High-school students acquire psionic powers and new responsibilities.
Pyria Pathfinder Life is bitter and random, the universe is cruel, you are insignificant, and the gods do not care.
REIGN - Beyond Westmark Misc A high-fantasy sandbox loaded with intrigue and prophecy
Ral Shaereth DnD4e A continent filled with heroes and villains, with no sure way to tell which is which.
Rappan Athuk Pathfinder The Lost Souls of Rappan Athuk
Reach for the Stars Homebrew Thousands of years ago, there was a galactic Empire which spanned many systems. It then fell upon Dark Times and man-kind was reduced to a mere shell.
Realm of Heroes DnD5e A Land of Mystery and Adventure
Red Revolution Pathfinder Urban setting of Isarn, capital of Galt
Restoration DnD5e What happens in a magical world when there's only a finite number of souls?
Return to the Stars Homebrew Return to the Stars homebrew game
Revenant DnD3.5 A world where the dead have risen to regain their honor and exact their vengeance
Rhila DnD3.5 A world marked by the machinations of Goddesses.
Rise of the Runelords DnD5e In the town of sand point evil is brewing...
Runelords of Varisia Pathfinder Treachery, goblins, and the rising threat of a forgotten empire whose cruel and despotic rulers might not be as dead as history records.
Rysylis Misc A homebrew Iron Heroes campaign setting inspired by 10th century Europe.
SBPAR FATE A FATE-based Homestuck game following an alternate SBURB session.
Samudera FATE The Gathering
Sandpoint Adventurer Pathfinder Sandpoint Adventurer's Guild
Sapphire Spire Pathfinder Eccentric adventurers have built a tower of mysteries, wonder, and danger.
Savage Tide Adventure Path in Eberron DnD3.5 The first savage tide has already touched the mortal world, yet none who live today recall this terrible time of red ruin.
Savage Tide MC DnD3.5 For all your Mc_Pirating needs.
Savage Tide Tabletop DnD3.5 Wiki page to host personal Savage Tide run on tabletop. Game is run in french so part of the material might appear as gibberish. This is probably normal.
SavageTide MC DnD3.5 For all your Mc_Pirating needs.
Scattered Planes DnD3.5 When wizards abused their power, the world was warped, then shattered into dozens of planes.
Sehta A'Nen Misc The Sehta have returned to our world, bringing back magic and invalidating modern technology. (Savage Worlds)
Serpents Shadow DnD5e Today is a new dawn for civilization. Opportunity abounds, but the Serpent's shadow still lies on the world and the secret war has begun anew.
Shadow of the Empire GURPS The Zarthonian Empire has fallen!
Shadow's of a Future King Pathfinder In almost every tale, great heroes rise up. But what if they didn't?
Sharn: Vault of Dhakaan Pathfinder A story of intrigue set in the City of Towers
Shattered Academy Misc Mages investigate who destroyed their school and why. (Savage Worlds)
Sion DnD3.5 Homebrew, setting for the Dark Days in Sion play by post game
Siranda DnD3.5 An island before a zombie apocalypse. Based off of the Forgotten Realms setting
Siren's RoW Pathfinder WInter has come in the height of summer
Smoke and Thunder Pathfinder Six-shooters and Sorcery
Space Pirates War For Black Metal Pathfinder A story about space pirates looking for the source black metal.
Sparks in the Void by Greenvoid Misc Post-apocalyptic fantasy galaxy on orbital settlements
Star Frontier GURPS The human race has ventured into space, colonizing many of the closest worlds
Star Wars Galaxy Misc A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Star Wars: Auspices of Legend Misc Legacy Era - 50 ABY, 6 years following the events of the Fate of the Jedi series.
Star Wars: Legends of the Bechesmy d6 the adventures of a small crew of scoundrels at the dawn of the Rebel Alliance
Stargate nWoD nWoD Unlock a Darker Universe...
Stellar Phenomona d6 The Star Wars Universe Circa 2 BBY
Stellar Winds GURPS The universe has foraged it’s heroes from the flames of all the stars. Individually they find them selves drawn to the great sea of infinity.
Stephinian Verse GURPS A sci-fi world where the universe is big, old, and prosperous, and the taxes are really low.
Still More Glorious Dawn Exalted Missing for centuries, Solar heroes bring light back to the frozen north.
Stolen Lands DnD3.5 Modified Kingmaker campaign for friends
Sundred DnD3.5 A post apocalyptic world inspired by Forgotten Realms
Sunken City nWoD A small town on the coast of Maine
Swashbuckling on the Inner Sea Pathfinder The Pirates Booty and stuff
Sword Coast Chronicles DnD5e A story set against the backdrop of Faerun's most popular coast line.
Ta'Wanuya Pathfinder Short catchy summary of your World
Tales of the Grand Duchy DnD5e Come along for some tales in the old school world of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.
Taron Pathfinder Short catchy summary of your World
Terelmin Island DnD3.5 The Isle of Terelmin, a green jewel set amidst trackless seas.
Terra Crystallus DnD3.5 A fractured world, held together by mere crystal...
Terrestria DnD5e A dark, ancient, mysterious world with monsters everywhere!
The 5 Worlds DnD3.5 Oerth, Aerth, Uerth, Yarth and Earth. There will be Pathfinder and WoD
The City Of Eras DnD3.5 Here you can find maps and descriptions of all explored locations of the City and kingdom.
The Crimson Veldt DnD3.5
The Feywild DnD3.5 Where the characters are fey and assigned protectors of the Crossroads
The Floating Towers of Arcanix Pathfinder The Floating Towers of Arcanix house some of the most cutting edge magical research in all of Khorvaire. In the town below is a school.
The Floating Towers of Arcanix/Arcanix Pathfinder The Floating Towers of Arcanix house some of the most cutting edge magical research in all of Khorvaire. In the town below is a school.
The Forgotten Realms - Time Of The Sundering DnD5e Heroes of the Coast of Swords must face perilous risk and adventure against the many faces of evil in Faerun.
The Grayson Files Freeform The city of Denver is a lawless nexus in the middle of a lawless region. Aidan Grayson works to defend the region from the forces of darkness.
The Greater New England Freeholds DnD3.5 The twin freeholds of Boston and Cambridge.
The Greatest Games Misc A Story of Winners and Losers in Shanri
The Hieraconis Continuum nWoD Time-travelling mages defend the future
The Hoary Realm Pathfinder A Primal Start
The Huntsmen Freeform Four hunters of ancient relics search the universe for their one true treasure- their soul
The Isles of Britain Misc A modified version of the classic Pendragon setting.
The Kingfisher FATE Modern Lovecraftian Investigation
The Known World DnD3.5 A world open to all races and classes, but no gunpowder
The Lands DnD5e A World of Adventure and Mystery
The Light Eternal DnD3.5 Short catchy summary of your World
The Logged Horizon Misc A fan game set two years prior to the events of Log Horizon.
The Mabinogion DnD5e A collaboratively built Celtic themed homebrew world.
The Neighborhood Watch Alliance FATE A group of misfit talents and monsters defend their neighborhood against the Big Bads of the Dresdenverse
The New World DnD4e A large unknown continent that has only been recently discovered.
The Old World Pathfinder A Pathfinder conversion of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
The Pangar Chronicles DnD3.5 "In world of long-gone wars and long-dead empires, the great game continues, the world moves on, and life is lived: This is Pangar."
The Proving Grounds Pathfinder A testing area to explore how things work.
The Screaming Fortress Misc The Deathwatch Chapter of the Grey Knights Investigate a Fortress Overrun by the Dark god of Fate
The Shackled City Nanjing DnD3.5 The Shackled City campaign taking place in Nanjing
The Shard Pathfinder A world built upon the shattered fragments of the Cosmos
The Shattered Earth Homebrew (Pathfinder Base) After nuclear war, the eruption of a supervolcano, and mass extinction, the remnants of human (and mutant animal) civilization tries to recover.
The Sixth Holy Grail War Misc The Holy Grail War is being fought again... And YOU are the participants this time!
The Stream of Life DnD3.5 The far shores of creation (as recorded by players)
The Tempest Scar Pathfinder "A low magic campaign with high magic sprinkles."
The Tower Pathfinder A magical floating tower looms over Golarion
The Vindicators Freeform All the elite supers are either dead or missing- it's up to the next generation
The Void DnD3.5 The Void is located between the Shadowplane and Far Realms
The War of Dragons DnD3.5 Not really A World, As the War of Dragons has expanded into space onto four seperate 'planets', with magic, myth and technology combining
The Worldpool Pathfinder The river with no beginning and no end
Titan DnD3.5 Titan is the fantasy world setting for the majority of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery! gamebooks.
Toba DnD4e An Arabian Fantasy Campaign Setting
Torchbearers Misc An alternate Earth, heavily-influenced by the supernatural, where mankind's only defense is an ancient guild of bounty hunters.
Torn DnD3.5 Homebrew DnD3.5 World
Totarken DnD3.5 A vast, wide world where the dead gods have begun to stir in their slumber.
Tourmaline DnD3.5 Twisted Magic and Daring Adventures compel you
Transit Authority GURPS Humanity is dead, but they are not forgotten...
Trimina Pathfinder Trimina - Pathfinder Save the Empire campaign
Trimoon ('goose Trav) Misc On an unvisited backwater planet, Aslans, humans and Vargyr-like jackalmen vie to survive
Tulris DnD3.5 A World of Heroes
Twilight of the 13th Age Misc The Dragon Empire crumbles as heroes and villains alike help usher in the 14th Age.
Twilight: A Realm of Endless Shadows Homebrew A 3.5 world based around shadow magic and a black sun.
Underscape DnD3.5 A world without a sky, created by five great dead Dragon Kings who are revered across the land. Politically and Emotionally charged.
Unexpected Results DnD3.5 High fantasy, low technology, magic everywhere... yeah, the world's totally screwed
Vaecnea DnD3.5 a world of distrust and evil seeking good
Vansharra DnD3.5 Vansharra 3.5
Vansharra DnD3.5 A World of Heroes
Velque DnD3.5 the beginnings of what will become a detailed, relatively realistic, fantasy world
Verindae DnD3.5 Seventy years after a magically induced apocalypse, machines are on the rise and magic is greatly feared.
Vigridr DnD3.5 E-6 Realm recovering from a Wizard war
Vintooine Sector Misc A non-cannon (i.e. homebrew) isolated microcosm of the Star Wars universe lies just beyond the end of the Perlemian Trade Route.
War Diaries Misc A Star Wars game exploring the Second Galactic Civil War from the perspective of ordinary soldiers using FFG's Star Wars rules.
War in the Galaxy Star Wars SAGA 151 ABY, Legacy Era, Organizations Run the Galaxy
War of Conquest (ASoFaI) Homebrew Homebrewed system in the setting of A Song of Fire and Ice during the War of Conquest.Players are able to lead party through personalized story arcs.
War of the Burning Sky DnD3.5 A high fantasy campaign of tremendous proportion
Warcraft DnD4e The noble Alliance and mighty Horde explore a realm full of mystery, magic, and endless adventure.
Warhammer - Paths of the Damned DnD3.5 Brutal and realistic world of savagery. As heroes face insurmountable odds at the hands of the forces of chaos.
Wavermoth DnD3.5 The Inescapable plane
Way of the Wicked Pathfinder Evil is brewing in Talingarde. Only this time, YOU are the evil!
White Sun System Pathfinder Pathfinder adaptation of Joss Whedon's Serenity universe
Winds of the Lost (Eord) GURPS A sword & sorcery world filled with savage warriors, evil wizards and merciless gods.
Wolrd of Darkness nWoD Innocents contains complete rules for portraying children in the World of Darkness
World of Silverstone DnD5e An original-ish, yet often derivative arrangement of existing DnD lore
Xen'drik Adventures Pathfinder
Xentii Cluster (XNT-11) Star Wars SAGA A star cluster somewhere in the Unknown Regions of the Star Wars galaxy.
Yggdrasil GURPS Yggdrasil is a fantasy version of Earth, created as a place to learn GURPS.
Your Tale DnD4e Home brewed, story driven 4th edition game.
Zelestia DnD5e A world caught in the crossfire of a war between 2 deities.
Zombie Survival in the Pitt nWoD Surviving the apocalypse is a lot harder than you thought.

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