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In ancient times Jord was the center of a massive and powerful empire named Vela'haar. Legends say that nearly one thousand years ago the land was embroiled in a terrible war the likes of which haven't been seen since. In order to save the heart of their culture and power the Vela'haari created the Barungs (or Stonefathers). There is a large amount of debate over what the Barungs were and what they did, but it is generally agreed that they saved the land of Jord in some way. Sometime during this The Raising took place, an event that caused The Wall of the Gods (or Godwall) to rise around the land of Jord. This massive ring of towering peaks completely isolated the land of Jord, protecting it from whatever force had threatened it.

Jord is a high fantasy world with elements of Norse, Western Europe, Native American, and Asian cultures.

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