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Hello there, welcome to the world of Kamigawa! This is the beginning of a series of adaptations for various settings that take place within the Magic the Gathering multiverse.

A Request

Please do not edit or modify the wiki or its contents without prior discussion and express consent from myself and any Contributors whose works are involved in the changes. Thanks.

The Premise

Kamigawa, or “Spirit River,” is a world of oriental fantasy adventure. It's a land divided by racial and political boundaries since its birth, and also a land divided by a planar schism as well. Since time immemorial, the mortal world and the spirit world have been divided; thus, mortals have lived mostly sheltered from the spirit world, save for minor kami that dwell in the wilds. Recently, that barrier has been broken and great kami of unimaginable power have begun invading the world in a murderous rage. Even the minor, otherwise friendly kami of the wilderness have begun to join the legions of their larger, angrier brethren. Though no one can say why the kami have so suddenly and violently surged to war, this time is also marked by the rather auspicious rise in power of Lord Konda and his Eiganjo fortress. Many suspect a connection between the events, but no other lord has the power to challenge Eiganjo, nor the time to spare given the continuous kami assault. Heroes will certainly be needed to change to current flow of events and bring some sort of peace back to the land of Kamigawa.


  • None so far.