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Eldaian Calendar

This calendar is generally accepted among the nations of Eldai. Very few (such as the elves and Eiros) measure the calendar year differently.

Each day on Eldai is roughly 26 hours and a year in Eldaian terms is roughly 485 days (525 Earth days), with sixteen months in the calendar year. There are seven days in the week. Each day is named as so: Vondei, Olmdei, Seldei, Zaldei, Ildei, Feidei, Lundei.

The months are named thus, with their numbers of days in parentheses: Urd (31), Dondae (30), Terei (30), Alquar (30), Veldae (30), Crayven (31), Eisian (30), Keilae (30), Gando (31), Dahnva (30), Alvna (30), Pointel (30), Srerdae (31), Sabalae (30), Whinva (30), Fova (31).

There are three seasons and three transitional periods, listed here: Life (Dondae 15 - Crayven 15), Passing (Crayven 16 - Eisian 20), Death (Eisian 21 - Alvna 21), Searching (Alvna 22 - Pointel 22), After (Pointel 23 - Fova 23), Rebirth (Fova 24 - Dondae 14).


New Year Festival (Fova 25 - Urd 5): The New Year Festival is a 10 day party that spreads throughout Eldai. Since the year of Eldai is so long, many people celebrate making it through the year by letting loose in the 10 day festival.

Cray's Birthday (Crayven 12): Archwizard Cray's true birthday was nearly 250 years ago, but even to this day Cray is still celebrated in his old age.

Ascension Day (Keilae 18): Ascension Day is the day that is rumoured to be the day that Keirst slew the demon Atruos and ascended to the heavens, to join his beautiful lover Keilae. Since most common people in Eldai follow Keirst, this day is also widely celebrated.

Three-Moon Festival(s) (Depends): Many of the people in Eldai follow the three moons of Eldai (Nova, Keilae, and Atruos) nearly religiously. Astronomers are able to predict the day when all three moons are New, and on these days there is a large call for religious ceremonies and sacrifices, in hopes that the moons will return to shine upon Eldai. Some years are considered blessed, when there are multiple Three-Moon Festivals in the year. The current year (3163), the Three-Moon Festival will be held on Gando 11.

Harvest Festival (Alvna 21): In Alvna, when most of the farmer's have harvested their crops, there is a celebration in many nations across Eldai. Goods are bought and sold in abundance on this day and partying is rampant.

Day of the Messiah (Srerdae 16): This event his held only in Eiros, as none of the other nations recognize the Messiah of Eiros as a deity or divine figure. It is a massive celebration within the country, one of the few that the people do not spend defending their borders.

Day of the Spark (Sabalae 8): The Day of the Spark is a celebration among many wizards and spellslingers, and it is the day that they celebrate Nova bringing the gift of magic to Eldai and bestowing it upon the races.


There are also three moons to Eldai, most of which are followed as demigods and demigoddesses to Keirst and others of the pantheon.

Nova: Nova is known as the Wandering Sister, because of its incredibly long cycle. It takes roughly 63 days for Nova to make a full New Moon to New Moon cycle. Nova is also said to be the goddess that bestowed magic upon the previously mundane races of Eldai. Nova is a rusty brown colour when illuminated, giving her the nickname of the "Brown Dwarf".

Keilae: Keilae, the Bride of Keirst, is a beautiful milky white moon that takes 28 days to cycle from New Moon to New Moon. Keilae is said to have been the Bride-to-be of Keirst, when Atruos came and slew Keilae in his infinite evil, causing Keirst to seek out and destroy Atruos.

Atruos: The Red Demon, Atruos is a blood-red moon that is no longer in one piece. If you were to ask Cray, he would say that at one point Atruos was whole, but when Keirst slew Atruos, the red moon shattered, and pieces of it rained down upon the world. The pieces of Atruos are still held close together, but they make a cruelly beautiful light in the sky when lit. It takes Atruos roughly 42 days to cycle from new moon to new moon.