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Dai-drac, the Realm of Dragons

Dai-drac was originally ruled by the four Dragon Lords: Balifex, Scal, Llane, and Haming. Only two of the four Dragon Lords still live in the realm, Balifex and Llane. Scal fled across the sea long ago to create the dual-continent-spanning Scal Empire, and Haming was killed by Balifex in a more recent war that still has left scars on the land. The world is here, briefly described:


Valing, being the original home of Haming, still remains a dominant power in northern Dai-drac. Currently it is ruled by an elf, King Atha, who lived long enough to see both the rise and fall of Haming. Valing’s capital is truly that of a dragon, and it is reflected in Haming’s elaborate and meticulous city design. The capital, Hamvesh, is built not only for beauty and elegance but also for defensibility. Every building is connected via roof and every road bottlenecks at several locations, allowing for any invading army to be under constant strategic disadvantage. Valing is close allies with its smaller neighbor to the south: Dalving. Valing also is ready to join the Hame Coalition, which is preparing to march on the Balifex Empire to the far south. Valing is no light-weight when it comes to trade and economy, too. It dominates the northern passes and regulates passage through the Val Straights tightly.


Dalving finds itself in an interesting position, wedged between Valing and Insthame. It is closely allied with Valing, being a sister nation to the several that once made up the vast empire of Haming which included the Hame Coalition. Now though, Dalving is an ailing nation. It relies nearly completely on Valing to keep it afloat, economically and militarily. The government of the nation is unstable even, with the rising Hearts of Haming growing stronger every day and posing to overthrow the weak and corrupt government. Dalving also has had several conflicts with Ursthame across the Straights of Dalving, which has only weakened it further.


Ursthame, a member of the Hame Coalition, lies across the Straights of Dalving from, guess who, Dalving. It is a provocative and emotional nation led by a powerful autocrat, Lord Ceros. He initiated the recent conflict with Dalving as a game of sport, seeing Dalving as the only nation that would not crush Ursthame without a second glance. Ursthame itself occupies a strategic location geographically and the larger Esthame to the southwest has constantly pressured Ursthame into joining it. Ursthame is ignorant of the world at large, however, and cares little for the growing conflict between the Balifex Empire and the Hame Coalition.


Insthame, in line with its name, is a nation of instant gratification. Ruled by a kleptocrat, the nation has fallen into anarchy. The only uniting factor within the nation is the Hame Coalition, which has taken over as a police force and is currently trying to track down and deal with the current ruler: the Shade. Insthame is a nation of little tolerance, however, and if attacked or insulted by another nation, the whole of Insthame can and will unite under one banner. The Hame Coalition is hoping that this spirit will fuel Insthame into action against the Balifex Empire in the future.


Esthame is the largest and most powerful member of the Hame Coalition, currently enacting police forces in Insthame and negotiating with Ursthame to incorporate it into Esthame. Esthame is ruled by a parliament-elected Prime Minister Mateus. The capital city, Estin is a bustling, spiraling megalopolis that houses most of the nation’s population and is still growing as people from all over the country flood to the unhindered city. Esthame has bigger problems than overpopulation in its capital however as it prepares to deal with the Balifex Empire.


Dlen is a tiny nation that borders Fundhame, Insthame, and the Balifex Empire. It has no major role in the world except for its entire land-area being devoted to a massive trade city, which fuels trade throughout the straights to the north and the bays that accompany them. Dlen is a nation upon which all other nations in Dai-drac base their economies, and Dlen takes advantage of this at every opportunity. Dlen is also the source of the universal currency within Dai-drac, the widely accepted Dlen Gold Standard. Naturally in the upcoming conflict between the Balifex Empire and the Hame Coalition, whoever gains control of Dlen will control most of the war.


Fundhame is the final member of the Hame Coalition. Its explosive growth over the last few years has turned a few heads to its Archmagi leader, Drone. He, while generally a secretive and quiet man, has recently turned Fundhame in a new direction, choosing to make its presence known in the Dai-Drac political scheme. It occupies a significant area, namely a peninsula that is widely used for trade along the western coast of Dai-Drac and Drone has decided this is an excellent way to push other countries around. The response to Fundhame’s sudden activities haven’t been well received, especially by Sweft, whose traders rely on the ports in Fundhame.

The Balifex Empire

The Balifex Empire is home to Balifex, the might red Dragon Lord who effectively dominates all of Dai-Drac. If he wishes for something, he inevitably gets it, be it through force or strong-arm diplomacy. The Balifex Empire’s people are generally good, worshipping gods such as Sarenrae. Balifex couldn’t care less about his people, his eyes are currently set on finding a way to deploy troops across the ocean to the Scal Empire, which he knows exists but knows not where. The country itself is a military and economic powerhouse, spanning across the entire continent and having full access to both trade routes up and down the coasts.


Sweft is an oddball country, a ragtag coalition of misfits and outcasts. Its origins are not rooted in the four Dragon rulers of Dai-Drac, but rather in the collapse of the Llane Empire. In the massive civil war that split the country, a group of pacifist traders escaped the madness and established Sweft. Sweft is heavily reliant on the Llanes and Fundhame for trade and supplies that keep the small nation afloat. Sweft has looked to more distant lands recently however and the leader of Sweft, Master Trader Comlin Erdwin, has encouraged moving towards joining the Hame Coalition to perhaps sunder the power of the Balifex Empire.

Northern Llane

Northern Llane was the loser of the Llane Civil War, and now it borders an even larger threat, the Balifex Empire. Northern Llane is largely the mining and farming center of the two Llanes, with access to most of the mountains that separate it from the Balifex Empire. It is still hurting from the war militarily and economically, and its leader, an Archduke that goes by “Albatross”, is looking to perhaps ally with the Balifex Empire for support in the imminent invasion from Southern Llane. Nothern Llane is also home to an enigmatic man who is known throughout Dai-Drac. Known only as “The Wyrm Slayer”, he is rumored to have slain the child of Llane, which sparked the Llane Civil War.

Southern Llane

Southern Llane is home to Llane, the only other dragon lord still residing in Dai-Drac. With his wisdom and strength, he led Southern Llane to victory over Northern Llane, who sought to protect The Wyrm Slayer. Ultimately though The Wyrm Slayer evaded capture and Llane now bides his time as he prepares to invade again. Southern Llane itself is possibly the only country that could near single-handedly deal with the Balifex Empire, but Llane is more concerned with reuniting the Llanes into a single country worthy of being called Llane.