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Eldai and its Countries

Eldai? Well, you’ve got Kei and Horst, Eiros and Dahn, Vahn, and Lahn, the three Galds, Dranne, the Acir Empire, Welv and Selv, Avrack… It’s a hodgepodge of nations; one after the other trying to cross Keirst’s Smile or outwit each other in a silly game of circular chess. They say that Keirst himself threw down his curved sword to create the ever-expanding Smile. Bloody stupid thing to do, now it’s consuming Eldai. And the Bay of Keirst? Hah! That’s nothing but a bloody mess from the pirates camped out on the Mother Island. I’ll tell ye one thing though, it’s home to us. Don’t ye let anyone tell ye different.

- Gavern, Dwarfen Bartender

Acir Empire

The Acir Empire, ruled by Emperor Acir, is a new and surprisingly powerful nation on the political and military scene of Eldai. Having been carved out of numerous smaller states, the Acir Empire has been pushing against Dranne, trying to get the peaceful nation to respond with military force and Acir himself has been overheard saying that he wishes to conquer Dranne at some point. Acir is known for its relentless attempts to cross Keirst’s Smile, with little success. A few prototype airships have been built in attempts to cross it, but so far none have made the journey.


Alvos is the mostly-marshland nation south of Eiros and Seivos. It is home to most of the Sinking Marshes, a marvel that very few have the opportunity to see. The Sinking Marshes are massive swamplands that are slowly slipping into Keirst’s Smile, one tiny drop of swamp water at a time. Alvos’ capital is on the opposite side of the country from the Sinking Marshes, choosing to follow Seivos’ example of a coastal capital. As such Alvos’ capital, Elgan, is a massive trade city, serving as a final stop for larger ships about to make the trek around the northern coasts of Eiros to the Bay of Keirst or a Horst trade port.


Avrack is an odd nation, at best. Full of ragtag adventurers, scientists, mercenaries, workers for hire and other unsavory folk, it is anarchy at its best. The only governing body Avrack has is that of one James Coulter, a man who, if he doesn’t own something, he soon will. His immense wealth quickly put him at the top of the food chain and he naturally became the voice of Avrack. He has hopes to organize Avrack at some point, but there are others who would see Avrack taken under their own control.


Dahn is a dwarfen nation. The only nation ruled by dwarfs in Eldai, actually. They have settled throughout the plains of Dahn, building their massive pit-homes in places most would think unable to be dug. In the forests of Dahn reside several Elven city-states, which have proclaimed themselves as not a part of Dahn, even though they reside in Dahn’s territory. Dahn’s Ruler, King Lugthor, is currently presiding over the talks between Britor and Eitor. He hopes the brothers will not end up going to war with each other, but if they do he will not hesitate to step in militarily and reclaim the lands he graciously gave to them. He also is planning on aiding East Gald in their quest to reunite Gald under a good and honest ruler.


Dranne is a peaceful nation, choosing to opt out of aiding any of the current conflicts in Eldai. Dranne is an economic powerhouse, using the steep mountains on their coast to prevent traders from coming inland, preferring to use cheaper government-controlled traders to bring goods to the capital. Dranne would take sides if the cause was right, but so far Dranne has enlisted only mercenaries from Avrack to protect trade caravans and fleets. Dranne is also renowned for their massive naval power, creating ships nearly 400 feet long for both combat and trade. Led by Archduke Dran IV, Dranne has slowly become more and more militaristic, perhaps in response to the growing aggression of the Acir Empire.

East Gald

East Gald is ruled by the sister of Apel and Kazkh. She is the eldest of the three, but her beauty wouldn’t reveal that by any means. She hopes to peacefully unite the Galds, but knows that her warlike brothers will never come to terms. She has enlisted Dahn to help in their war effort, promising Dahn some of the land conquered after reuniting the Galds. Her mind seems elsewhere than the Galds, as if she fancied another job than ruling. She has yet to reveal her plan, but she wishes to sail east, to the land she has heard only fairytales about, leaving the Galds and Eldai behind.


Eiros is a reclusive nation, choosing to let very few near its borders. Even its sister nations Alvos and Seivos are unable to come within a few miles of the border, for fear of losing its men to the massive defenses Eiros has established. Eiros’ capital, the city Eiros, is nearly in the center of the nation, a massive walled fortress that if ever approached, has a massive system of machinery that in a moment’s notice could lower the city into the very ground on which it stands, with massive underground metal discs that would move into place to trap the city beneath the earth. Reflecting the nature of his nation, the Holy Messiah of Eiros (his true name is unknown.) is never seen outside his palace, relying on the Hierarch Matieus to speak his will and control the nation. Eiros is clearly a technological superpower, relying on the power of their machines and their Messiah to win battles and conquer lands.


Horst is home to the most powerful military in Eldai. It prides itself in forcing anyone who is without work or has been convicted of a crime to join to military, which only bolsters the already massive fighting force it has assembled. The capital of Horst, Grindst, is deep in the mountains, hidden from all except those special diplomats from Kei and those explicitly authorized to be there. Part of the reason Horst’s capital is kept so secret is that if external sources were to find out that Grindst is about to collapse into Keirst’s Smile, it would be disastrous for Horsts’ reputation. Horst’s ruler, Potentate Straurst, is wild and paranoid, only allowing well-known associates near his massive throne within the looming, golden palace in Grindst. He has tentatively declared an alliance with Kei, but Kei’s recent call for help in the looming war against Welv, Vel, and Selv has him on edge.


Kei is home to a surprisingly large population of humans and dwarfs, most of whom make their home in or near the half-human, half-dwarfen built capital city of Leird. The city is, on the surface, like all other human cities. Beneath the sewers of the city, however, dwells a massive pit dug centuries ago that serves as the underground home of the dwarves there. The city would collapse into the magma below, if it weren’t for the meticulously maintained system of supports that keep the humans above ground and the dwarfs busy. Kei has a strong but limited fighting force, some of which keeps the pirates on the Mother Island busy, and the rest of which is deployed on border of Welv, Vel, and Selv. Kei’s ruler, Emperor Keir DCXXIV, is constantly busy dealing with reports of pirates, the amassing Welv and Vel forces, and diplomatically keeping Horst pleased. Despite all of his duties he remains level-headed and strong-willed, driving Kei forward and upward, causing it to be one of the most economically and diplomatically powerful nations in Eldai.

North Gald

The northernmost of the three Galds, North Gald is the militarily power of the three. It trains its forces in hope of conquering the vicious West Gald, and the nuisance that is East Gald. North Gald is led by Grandgeneral Apel, who seeks to reunite Gald through military might and an iron fist. He has ulterior motives as well, looking at Alvos as an unsuspecting thug with its back turned, ripe for a knife in the back. North Gald as a whole isn’t nearly as fierce as Apel, though. Mostly populated by farmers and lumberjacks, Apel has seen to turning these people into a fighting force to be reckoned with.


Seivos is the sister nation of Eiros, and while it is similarly inclined as far as technology is concerned, it is not to be associated with the “Blasphemous Messiah and his Hierarch’s rabble.” Seivos has been trying to infiltrate Eiros’ borders for several years, and much to the dismay of Emperor Tox, they have thus far been unsuccessful. Seivos’ capital lies on the coast, enabling it to trade and exchange ideas with much of Eldai. Seivos tends to keep an open mind about outsiders, preferring to innovate and combine ideas rather than focus on a single concept.

Vahn and Lahn

Vahn and Lahn are grouped together because they are effectively the same country. Also known as “The Twins”, Vahn and Lahn are ruled by Kings Britor and Ertor. For some time Britor and Ertor have been discussing unifying as one nation, but leaving the question as to who would rule unanswered. Currently the larger nation of Dahn has been having a hand in these negotiations, slowly pushing for both Vahn and Lahn to join its already sizable power. Britor and Ertor are half-brothers, united by their father.


Vel is a relatively tiny nation, stuck between four much larger and much more powerful nations. It is led by the wise and powerful Archwizard Cray, a man who wishes for nothing more than the advancement of magic in all lands. Unfortunately his land is under the watchful eye of Kei, and even his powerful anti-scrying spells cannot stave off the omnipresent feeling of Kei’s gaze. Vel’s capital is very close to the desert, preferring the heat of the desert to the relatively cool temperatures of the plains nearby. Cray’s tower, a massive spire in the middle of the city, serves as a teleportation hub that transmits thousands of long-distance teleportations throughout Eldai, and controlling the tower means controlling an extensive network of information and people.


Welv is a nation of strong-willed, good-hearted people. King Erides, while he does not agree with declaring war on Kei, realizes that it is only a matter of time before Kei seizes the opportunity and conquers Welv’s sister nation of Vel, and a pre-emptive attack on Kei seems to be the only way to protect Vel. Land gained from a war with Kei would also serve his purpose of expanding habitable and farmable land for his people, a goal he has been trying to negotiate with Kei for some time.

West Gald

West Gald is a place full of brutal and tough people, people who don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They are ruthlessly trying to force North and East Gald under their control through constant siege and attacks from all thinkable angles, even going as far as to enter and attack from Alvos. The brutal Grand Warlord Kazkh has his eyes on North Gald, seeing Apel, his brother, as a threat and a menace to his people and their way of life. Kazkh assumes that once North Gald falls, East Gald will follow suit, coming under his control without a struggle.