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Symbol: Tipped Scales
Home Plane: Plane of Death
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Agility, Balance, Death, Drought, Gambling, Humor, Intrigue, Killing, Luck, Mirth, Pranksters, Revelry, Rogues, Swiftness, Undead, Wit
Clergy Alignments: True Neutral
Domains: Celerity, Death, Fortune, Ghost, Grave, Hunger, Luck, Repose, Thirst, Undeath
Favored Weapon: Two-Bladed Sword

Death is a many-faceted demi-god. He revels in the sport of games and often offers games for a person's soul. Surprisingly, Death is very generous, allowing people with significant enough tales to bargain for their lives, resulting in several "We thought you were dead!"s every year. Death often walks among the mortals of the world, choosing to get to know some of those whom he takes rather than act as a cold, calculating soul collector. Death is also the one who allowed Keirst and Keilae to bypass being dead and ascend into their own plane, away from Atruos and Eldai.