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At the extreme western edge of the mountain range lies a region known as Pineshore. Named originally by the Dwarfs that inhabit the caves within Mount Pineshore itself. The area was so named because of the enormous sea of pine trees that blanket the region.

The leader of the clan of Dwarfs that mine here is King Nibar Gravelbeard. He and his kin have harbored here for as long as history records. The Gravlebeard clan is world renowned as one of the oldest clans in existence. Nibar has two children his daughter Ulfif is a devout Cleric. His son Bifor is a braggart and a liar some would even say a thief. Not to his face mind you for he his the prince. Nibar's wife died 20 years ago in a river boat accident. One of the reasons that the Dwarfs now have such strict rules for it's use. Nibar is still hopeful that he may yet have another son. In fact a wedding is imminent if the peace can be kept until summer. He can certainly see what kind of man Bifor has become despite all the Dwarf King has tried. He would leave the kingdom to his second or even third son if he wishes. It is not unheard of and in fact Nibar has an older brother. His brother Hesman though was a different story. Hessman was like Nibar's daughter and took to religeon instead of leadership. To this day his brother serves the King in this way and teaches his daughter the tenants of their religion.

The military leader when one is rarely called upon is Rafti Beamsmiter. Known as a seasoned tactician he holds his troops to meticulous formations. Never has this warrior lost a single battle nor any individual trial. He runs the mining and transportation operations with a keen eye and an iron fist. Rafti reports only to the King and is said to be his closest adviser.

The Dwarf clan Gravlebeard consists of 500 families. Additionally, the military boats a force of nearly 500 hearty fighters, clerics and scouts. About one quarter of the military force comes from an established militia.

The closest Human civilization is known as Tuscan Crossing. Originally colonized only a dozen years ago this small town is bustling with activity. Only a few years ago just a few trappers and traders called this area home. The news of the trade opportunities with the Dwarfs has spread rapidly. That and a very lucrative lumber industry has taken this hamlet from no more than 50 souls to over 700. This wealth of income and success are not without pain however. Crime is on the rise and there are rumors of an increase in Orc and Goblin activities in the neighboring mountains.

Springcreek; Water tributary that runs through the town giving to the town it's label as a crossing. This waterway originates @ Mount Pineshore and serves as a method of transport between the clan and the Humans.

Above and to the south of the entrance to the mines. High upon the mountain exists the fabled Tuscan falls. Only the bravest of souls venture near these rushing waters. It is rumored that an ancient Wyvern nests at it's zenith. Below the falls a set of rapids run for a quarter mile nearly encompassing the mountain. The rapids slow near the base of the mountain where they officially become springcreek. This is where the Dwarfs have the entrance to their mine and a small command post set up to diligently guard. Here they trade with the those hearty enough to make the climb. Also here a small dock and weigh station have been built along the riverbank. The clan has successfully established an efficient transportation system. Only Dwarfs are allowed to raft these waters however and the penalties for trespassing are severe.