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Loquitur/Rigus Index

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Near the center of the continent lies one of the few surviving large cities.

In all the known continent this large fortress of a city may also be the last bastion of hope for many a traveler. Though little is known of the ancient history of this place it is now a hollow shell of its former glory.

The City of Rigus is built upon a great hill with an enormous iron wall separating it from the surrounding barren landscape. Similar walls, all dotted with battlements divide the city into several rings. Each of these rings lay higher upon the hill then the previous until it reaches the castle at its pinnacle.

Today the city is little more than a giant military encampment. Heavily armored guards crowd the streets sweeping away what are -considered- reproachable sorts with impunity. Yet many merchants thrive and even blossom along the heavily traveled avenues.

A cultural melting pot the city does not appear to differentiate or harbor prejudice. As long as the citizens maintain order and pay their taxes. All it seems can be forgiven... for a price.