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To the north of the massive continent lies The Northern Reaches. A jagged line of tall, snow-covered mountains and glaciers surrounded by tundra to the east and west, alpine forests to the south, and ice floes and bergs to the north. In this inhospitable, yet beautiful place, reside the Northmen Tribes and their foes.

Northern Orcs and Humans had overcome their differences long ago in the face of the massive threats existing against any who chose to live in the North. The Northmen Tribes consisted of Orcs, Humans, and their mixed kin. The Orcs of the North are noble, honorable, and nothing at all like the rabble of their southern evil kin. In fact, they do not consider themselves related to the savages in the temperate lands, and the greatest insult that one could offer to a Northman was to call them 'savage'.

A strange nobility exists amongst the tribes, they take pride in their individual strength and honor the War God, Tempus in their worship. From age-old conflicts and inter-tribe wars, things had mellowed down sufficiently to the point in the present time, where conflicts were now settled in competitions of strength, agility, and endurance, or debates emphasizing intelligence, keen wisdom, or pure charm. Once in awhile, a bride-raid takes place, much to the amusement of the elders.

The tribes only go to war against the mighty wyrms, or the dark-skinned elves of below, and never against each other for they had learned the waste of warring against each other. The mighty Chieftain Gobbo Flangerty, founder of the Flangerty tribe had first united the tribes into a form of almost-democratic government as a matter of necessity in the war against terror-hounds that had come from the deep, the evil kin of the daemons and servants to the dark ones.

Today, a brisk trade runs between the Northlands and with Mount Pineshore and the human settlement of Tuscan Crossing. The common enemy of the dark elves as well as the savage orcs and goblinkind, have driven a tenuous, but deady alliance between the two factions.

The Northmen of the Reaches are also known to deeply revere deities of all kinds, and show respect to all of the more benevolent or neutral aspect.

This respect is also spilled over to the servants of said deities, the priests and priestesses and spirit healers of all kinds. Indeed, one might be hard pressed to prove that the respect flowed in only one direction, and that the servants of the gods themselves also inspired respect for the very gods they served.

For in the North, where life was hard and injuries rife and abounding, the mere presence of one such individual touched by their deity could mean the very difference between life and death; a gangrenous leg saved or amputated, a child born safely or still.

As one fine individual has been known to quote: "All Northmen defend them and their honor like our own."