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The purpose of this wiki is to keep relevant details of the setting which differ from the real world and are known to the characters, as well as other non-transient information.


Important Terms

HT = House Telcontar, the name of the military project that directly produced the thirty-five persons with special abilities. The project ran from 1984-92, operating a series of clinics across the country called Smiles of Gold. These clinics took women of childbearing age in off the streets, cleaned them up, offered the job training and placement assistance, all for submitting to an IVF experiment. Of the thousands of women helped by the program, only 35 children resulted.

Also used to refer to the persons with special abilities.

Maze Beset = Believed to be a second military project, this one is presumed to be the source of the genetic material used in the HT project.

The Farm

After the HT apartment complex located in Dawsonville, MD was attacked, the team relocated to a farm just outside Wray, CO. The land was selected for its proximity to three state borders (CO, NE, KS), this making it easy to cause jurisdictional squabbles with local and state law enforcement, should the need ever arise. The group legally owns the land through a shell corporation of a nonprofit filtered through an offshore account with a blahblahblah that's untraceable so long as no one does anything really stupid.

It has a pond, a stream, a broken down old farmhouse and barn, a '68 Mustang and a '57 Corvette both rusting together in the tall grasses and shrubbery along with an old John Deere tractor, and several random patches of corn and wheat. Much of the land is forested, some of it with apple trees. It has a mile-long overgrown dirt road leading from the nearest maintained rural route (31). John has already set up a vegetable patch.

Wray is approximately 7 miles away as the vampire flies, or about 13.6 miles by road. It's 183 miles east of Denver, 374 miles west of Omaha, and 416 miles west of Topeka (these three are driving distances).

The Depression Era farmhouse has been fully renovated into a sprawling maze of bedrooms with a central common room on the man floor and storage in the sizable basement. Greg has taken over the barn as his living space and workshop.



For the most part, government and its personalities remain unchanged, or have changes so minor as to be unworthy of note.


The government of Maryland in particular is rather different. Fortunately, anyone who isn't from the region and doesn't care much about politics wouldn't care or really have noticed.

The governor of Maryland is Lee Curran, a woman in her early 40s who served in both houses of Congress prior to finding her way into the Governor's Mansion. She's generally well known as a liberal socialist fascist communist Nazi feminazi, or as Democrats put it: "she's a bit to the left". Governor Curran is married to Navy Admiral Andrew Curran, they have two teenage children.

alpha-woman-red.jpg AdmCurranMB_zps17f860af.jpg

The best known changes that have occurred in Maryland for this game are the state constitution being amended to allow same-sex marriage in '07 and the full legalization of marijuana in '09.


The main point of difference here is that Liam's uncle is one of the two Senators from the Lincoln State. Glen Moore(R) was elected to his first Senate term in 2000. The man who replaced Barack Obama was the actual senator Richard Durbin(D), who has since been re-elected.